TV Series and Movies Releasing on Netflix in March 2022

TV Series and Movies Releasing on Netflix in March 2022: Throughout the year, Netflix is ​​producing more new programs and movies than it did last year — and 2022 looks set to continue with that model and more.

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Love like fallen petals, March 24 (film)

What’s on Netflix

This Japanese love drama is based on the famous 2017 novel and is about the love story between a young photographer and a barber, whose innocent love is interrupted when he is exposed to a rapidly growing rare disease.  

With Netflix investing heavily in South Korean movies, the streaming service continues to invest in movies across Asia, especially in Japan. The love drama Love Like the Falling Petals is coming to Netflix for the  March 2022  telecast details of the show and all we have so far is below.

Love Like the Falling Petals is Netflix’s first Japanese love film, directed by Fukugawa Yoshihiro. Directions were under Yoshida Tomoko and Uyama Keisuke and produced by Toho Studios.

Note: The film was titled My Dearest, Like a Cherry Blossom in the start and later, has been by Falling Petals of Love.

When is the release day?

The audience will have to wait till March of 2022, but we have confirmed the news that Love Like the Falling Petals is scheduled on Thursday, March 24, 2022.


Former photographer and hairdresser named Haruto Asakura gets in love with Misaki Eric and wants to go for a date and more with her. Watching Misaki work hard to achieve her dreams puts Haruto back on track, but their love for each other fades as Misaki is diagnosed with a rare disease. it happens.

Cast and crew

At the time of writing, only two confirmed characters in Love Like the Falling Petals were finalized.

The film starred Nakajima Kento and Matsumoto Honoka as Asakura Haruto and Ariake Misaki, respectively.

Nakajima Kento is familiar with his favorite anime, Nisekoi, in which Ichizo plays the lead role of Raku.

Bridgerton Season 2, March 25

What’s on Netflix

Lady Whistledown has announced that Netflix’s long-awaited love series will return for more melodrama this spring. Bridgerton is a television series created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes. It is based on the novels by Julia Quinn, attracting emerging artists to a world-class London Regency mid-season competition. The first Netflix series was recorded by Rhimes.

On January 27, 2021, Netflix announced that 82 million households had watched 4 million 63 million series in the first 28 days of the series. It launched the highly acclaimed service line in its first appearance, before being overtaken by Squid Games in October 2021.

On January 21, 2021, Netflix relaunched its second season of the series. On April 13, 2021, producer Van Dussen revealed on Twitter that the series had been renewed for a third and fourth season. On May 14, 2021, it was announced that Jess Brownell would replace Van Dussen as playwright and coordinator for the third and fourth seasons.


Facing the aftermath of the London Regency, the Bridgerton brothers – Anthony, Benedict, Colin, Daphne, Eloise, Francisco, Gregory, and Hyacinth – turned to the London community for love around friends and rivals.  

 Each episode features an article by actress Julie Andrews, portraying an anonymous and sometimes shy newspaper writer as Lady Whistledown, who knows all the details of London and is fascinated by it. Is. As well as Queen Charlotte.  

Unlike the series of novels, Bridgerton is based on a more historical run in London, where people of color are members of the Ton, with some titles given to monarchs. African-born Queen Charlotte was inspired by director Chris Van Dussen in the 1940s by the debate over claims of African-born Queen Charlotte “…to establish not only a mixed breed of Queen Charlotte, but a show is another story. “She also helped support. Black and Changing People. Van Dussen labeled the series “cool” because it meant to race and ethnicity wasn’t considered back then.

The Adam Project, March 11 (film)

What’s on Netflix

The Adam Project sci-fi film starring Ryan Reynolds is about an iconic pilot who meets his younger sister and dead father to adopt his past life – saving the future.

Following in the steps of Free Guy this August, the film will debut on Netflix on March 11. That movie was one of the hottest songs of last summer, so it makes sense that Netflix would want to make money with that intensity.

The Adam Project stars Reynolds as Adam, a man who needs to return to confront his late father. Newcomer Walker Scobel plays young Adam, the two of whom need to work together in careers. Mark Ruffalo shows his father, while Jennifer Garner is his mother.

Zoe Saldana, Katherine Keener, and Alex Mallory Jr. do not participate in undisclosed roles. Recording began in November 2020 and ended last March. Netflix took the film to Paramount, where it was first announced in October 2012 with Tom Cruise in Our Name being Adam.

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