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Sunny Hostin Reveals what Kamala Harris Becoming VP Means for her as a Black Woman

Sunny Hostin
Sunny Hostin

Sunny Hostin: While sharing views on her book “I Am These Truths, author Sunny Hostin glimpsed on Senator Harris becoming the first Black U.S Vice President.

The View co-host; expressed her sanctity after Sen. Kamala Harris was elected by Joe Biden’s government. The 52-year-old co-wrote the Washington Post op-ed this summer with a couple of Black women activists and celebrities about the need for a Black Women n the Judiciary. She received an overwhelming hatred for this work of hers though.

Kamala Harris will be the first female, the first Black person and also, the First Woman of South Asia to take charge in the office.

Sunny Hostin and Kamala Harris; both seem to have the similarity of mixed racial heritage.

Sunny Hostin
Sunny Hostin

The Vice president Harris is the daughter of immigrants from Afro-Jamaica and India; while Sunny’s dad is an African-American and his mom Puerto-Rican.

Both the d ladies have faced their share of racism. In August 2020, after Biden announced Sen. Harris is going to be his running mate. A conservative talk show radio host tagged Kamala as Indian- Jamaican instead of African-American.

Sunny address the racial discrimination issues she faced in her memoir. Sunny recollects the racial issues she faced during her childhood. However, in the past few decades, Black origins have also have received recognition of which Cardi B and journalist Soledad O’Brien are proofs. The Black Latina community is now addressing her with respect and appreciation.

Off late; Sunny has also been receiving questions on her social media about her racial genre. After writing the book, Sunny has realized the power one has to change their value and identity in society.

She added that one shouldn’t change their identity to fit into the community. It’s an injustice to yourself and the country you belong to.

The book is available in English and Spanish. Get your print now..