Selena Gomez Showed Off Her Make-up Free Look To Fans!

The singer and actress Selena Gomez have shown off her makeup-free look while being gorgeous in her selfie. Many actresses models and singers in Hollywood are going well with fashion and different kinds of scenarios, however, they definitely promote a natural or makeup-free look.

Because of such love, a lot of fans easily get attracted and highlight all these things and try to do the same. Talking about something like this then many Hollywood celebrities really don’t need make-up unless it is needed or required for some work.

The same happened with Selena Gomez as she was recently seen going makeup free. The singer has uploaded some selfies where she was smiling her heart out with her short hair and chubby cheeks.

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Here you can check out some posts of Selena Gomez Being Herself.

Selena Gomez is being quite active on social media and in recent times she is uploading a lot of pictures. This recent picture was uploaded on 1 February 2023.

As soon as Selena uploaded these pictures, a lot of fans started flooding the comments. Some appreciated her overall look while others noticed her makeup-free avatar. Coming to her overall attire then Selena Gomez was looking beautiful as ever in her blue t-shirt and Gold earrings. She was also seen in a black sweatshirt while her hair was fuzzy.

This selfie came after the singer made headlines related to dating Drew Taggart and also giving replies to trolls who criticized her for her handshake. Because of lupus meditation, the singer is suffering from weakness in her hand which was visible in some of her videos.

Instead of understanding these things, some users reacted inappropriately and trolled Selena Gomez. Taking these things seriously, Selena Gomez came in front and made clear her medication. Her fans also came in her support to give replies to the haters.