Jake, Logan Paul Vs. Andrew, Tristan Tate Who Will Win?

YouTuber-turned-boxers Jake Paul and Logan Paul who are popularly known as the Paul Brothers, have created a lot of noise in the boxing industry since their debut in 2020 and 2018 respectively.

The elder brother Logan made his boxing debut back in 2018 against another popular YouTuber and Boxer KSI, the fight ended up in a draw and to everyone’s surprise, the fight was a complete sellout in the Manchester Arena.

Logan even made his WWE debut back in 2021 and last month he beat Rey Mysterio at Crown Jewel to become the new United States Champion. Meanwhile, the younger brother Jake Paul has been knocking out some popular names left, right, and centre.

Will there be Tate Bros vs Paul Bros in 2024?

Jake Paul

It started with Jake knocking out former basketball player Nate Robinson, he then KO’d UFC fighter, wrestler, and mixed martial artist Ben Askren six months later in 2021, he then went to KO another ex-UFC fighter and once the UFC Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley.

Jake also won a unanimous decision over UFC legend Anderson Silva, then beat Tommy Fury via split decision, and a unanimous decision win over another ex-UFC fighter and popular mixed martial artist Nate Diaz; most recently he KO’d Andre August who became a boxer a few years back.

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Paul Brothers and Controversies.

Jake Paul

Paul brothers have always been accused by fans of scripting and fixing fights, they have cherry-picked old and retired fighters and professionals, and they do steroids and whatnot, but one thing that has remained constant is the rise of the Paul Brothers.

One man who has been among the most popular human beings on planet Earth in the last two years has always kept his eyes on the Paul Brothers and wants to teach them a lesson, and we are talking about the Internet sensation Andrew Tate.

Just like the Paul Brothers, another brother duo who are popularly known as the Tate brothers have been in the news for the last few years and there is certainly some beef between them.

Jake and Logan have called out the Tate brothers on multiple occasions and they have even confronted each other twice. Meanwhile, the Tate brothers aren’t too interested in fighting now.

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Paul vs Tate Brother

Jake Paul
The Sun

Today the Tate brothers are known for their bold statements on different topics and what they do on the Internet, but several years back they both were professional fighters and won several kickboxing fights, Tristan stopped fighting because he got a career-ending injury while Andrew wanted to become an entrepreneur so he left fighting.

In the right world, if the Paul brothers stepped into the ring with the Tate brothers, they would lose 9 out of 10 times, but the fact that the Paul brothers are young and the Tate brothers are in their mid-30s and way past their prime, it would be a tough fight for both. But one thing is for sure the fight would generate huge revenue.