Kleks Academy “Confirm” Release Date and More!

Kleks Academy Polish movie is all set to be released on Netflix next month and here are the details you need to know about the movie!

As the time for progressing, different countries are coming up with their contents on the streaming platform Netflix because this is the platform which is having the most number of subscribers.

No country is legging behind in order to release their content on Netflix, so is the case with Polish series and movies. Recently, a brand-new Polish movie is going to touch the stage of Netflix, which is titled as Kleks Academy.

So in this article we will be sharing every information that we have gathered from verified sources regarding this upcoming Polish movie of Netflix. In order to do not listen to any of the updates all you need to do is just keep on reading this article till the end!!!!

When Is Kleks Academy Going to Be Released on Netflix?

Kleks Academy

We have got the information regarding the official release date of Kleks Academy fantasy series of Netflix and that is 19th of June 2024.

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What Is Going to Be the Runtime of the Movie?

Kleks Academy

The runtime of this polish fantasy series is 126 minutes. Which is quite ideal to watch it in one go without experienceing the feeling of boredom.

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What Is Going to Be the Basic Storyline of the Movie?

Kleks Academy

Makers have shared the short description about this upcoming fantasy movie and that goes as below:

The story of this movie centers around the protagonist who is named as Ada, a teenage girl, finds herself in a world of fairy tales where imagination comes to life at the Kleks Academy.

By reading the above the description, you can have an idea that whether it is according to your viewing choices or not.

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Who All Are Going to Be There as Cast Members?

Kleks Academy

We are going to witness the below listed polish actors to be the part of this upcoming movie:

• Antonina Litwiniak
• Tomasz Kot
• Tomasz Wlosok
• Piotr Fronczewski
• Danuta Stenka

Stay tuned and thanks for reading:)