Goonya Monster – PlayStation 5 – The Details Regarding The New Game!

Goonya Monster Coming on PlayStation 5: Many people are very much into the video games, and another game will be launched on PlayStation 5. Three purses one asymmetrical battle action games which supports the cross platform play.

And this latest game is named as Goonya Monster, this game will be going to launch on PlayStation five switch and PC through stream.

MUTAN is the developer that has announced the streaming date for this upcoming game on PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation 5 and all the Switch versions are the latest announced ones.

This supports the cross platform multiplier across all the three platforms.

Let us have a glance about Three- Versus -One asymmetrical battle action game that was designed by Terada Tera

The game Goonya Monster is a three – versus – one asymmetric player- versus – player game, where the three busters are in opposition with the monsters with the players being in charge of the characters designed by Terada Terra, the most famous artist.

Busters use several unique weapons whereas the monsters can unleash lots of powerful skills in order to help to get their respective victory conditions.

Goonya Monster Coming on PlayStation 5 -1
Goonya Monster / Gematsu

Streaming Date and The Additional Compatible Hardware for Goonya Monster – PlayStation 5

As we have discussed already, the game Goonya Monster has been released on the PlayStation 5 on the 4th of December 2022.

Additional to this the game is all set to release on Switch and also on PlayStation 5.

Cross Platform Multiplayer

This game Goonya Monster is a cross platform compatible. Whatever the platform be you are playing on, you can still be able to play cooperatively or competitively with several players all over the world.

Second Trailer For Goonya Monster

The latest released trailer launches the game system of this name, also gathered by the theme song by popular artist FAKE TYPE.feat Chogakusei.

Accompanying the basic rules the video launches the go state after the buster is killed and order the purchases of the weapons and the costume and out of the character customization with the enhanced gear. Accompanying the full version music video of the theme song “GO ON YA WAY”, that has released on FAKE TYPE.

Little Overview For The Game

The three players are busters. Lasers, shotguns and flamethrowers are a few weapons which you can master to help you fight accompanying other players.

Busters rule the victory over the successfully carrying a few fixed amounts of “Souls” over to the goal.

That deal with the Undead enemies that generate all over the stage and get their souls.