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Joe Biden Decimates Trump : ‘Our Democracy Survived’ Him

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Joe Biden: Joe Biden, the US president elected for the new term, was praising the voters for upholding the democracy of the country. He said that the country has to heal from Trump’s doings

Joe Biden last week addressed the nation for his first time, as the official president-elect of the USA. Just as the last electors cast their ballots and confirmed that he is the winner of the 2020 presidential election, he gave his speech. He had got a total of 306 electoral votes. Ex-President Donald Trump continuously said that Biden won with a fraud.

Biden seemed to be appealing to Trump supporters together with his speech, attempting to unify the state after the incumbent president’s unequivocal loss — again.

Even after many tries of filing lawsuits and having the votes recounted, the results were the same. Joe eventually won the 2020 presidential election.

Biden called out President Trump, who, five weeks later, has still refused to concede the election. “In America, politicians don’t take power — the people grant it to them,” Biden, recently named TIME’s Person of The Year, stated. and that we now know that nothing — not even an epidemic or an abuse of power — can extinguish that flame… I will be able to work even as hard for those of you who didn’t vote on behalf of me as I will be able to for those that did.”

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Praising all the American population who cast a vote, he said “Our democracy — pushed, tested and threatened — proved to be resilient, true, and powerful,” Biden said. Donald had also received the same number of counts last time as well. “At the time, Trump called his body tally a landslide.

He thought that it was a  transparent victory and hopes that no one is subjected to the type of threats and abuse that they saw during the election. He said that all the servants of the public should be thanked as the country survived due to them.

Biden concluded his speech by remembering the 300,000 Americans who have now died of COVID-19, whose families will now spend the vacations without them. “There is urgent add front of all folks,” the president-elect said. He said that the people of the country desperately need improvement at such times of epidemic and the economy also needs to be built once again.