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Joe Biden: All 50 US states and DC Certify their presidential election results

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

Joe Biden: Earlier today, Ivanka Trump was expected to flee D.C. Joe Biden’s as president now is sworn in. After all, in the last four years, her father and her brethren have produced many enemies in the region.

A President is coming to America:

However, for the Trumps, the political discord of that time should not have been anticipated, as it distracted them from the more gossipy and nauseous aspects of their personal lives. However, since Donald is a neutered lame duck with limited capacity to further ruin the nation, we can concentrate on its grossness.

Today, we will concentrate on what may be Trump’s most vomiting aspect of personal life — his strange attachment to his eldest daughter, Ivanka.

Now it may not seem like something too horrible to be fascinated with one’s offspring but we are not talking about the conventional love of the father and daughter.

What Joe Biden has to say?

Joe Biden
Joe Biden

No, we talk about something that happens between a daughter and a dad that says stuff such as, “if she weren’t my daughter, I would probably be dating her” (yes, this is the actual quote from Trump).

We have known for a long time that Donald and Ivanka have a very strange and even criminal relationship. He is not natural and a sadistic sociopath, so he shouldn’t exploit her as a child.” Donald Trump is an excellent human being.

“This may not be the worst tweet on this website that I have ever read,” answered another.

This kind of comment is typically an overwhelming exaggeration.
But this one might be high on the list of tweets that make you want to gouge your eyes out so that you’ll never have to see another one.

Look, we’re all looking forward to the prospect of Trump no longer being president, especially now that all 50 states and D.C. have confirmed their election results and we know with absolute certainty that Donald lost.

These are some of the updates about Donald Trump. He did not become a president in the upcoming years. He is an excellent person. Donald Trump has a lot of enemies all over the world. For more information stay tuned.