Inventing Anna: Release Date – How Anna Scam Has Been Revealed?

Inventing Anna Updates: The upcoming famous new series Inventing Anna was illustrated by Shonda Rhimes and the production of this miniseries was done by the same creator only. The content of the series was taken from the article How Denna Delvey Tricked New York Party People which came from the great mind of Jessica Pressler. The creators of the series gave the release date for it on February 11 of 2022. Still, now we have got only one trailer and some small clicks from the creators of the series. Now up to the release date let us discuss the character, Anna.

Information About The Anna Delvey character

Anna Delvey was a lady who was belonged to the middle-class family of Russia. She was famously known as the scammer of the New York high society. When Anna was an adult she used to stay with her parents and her father was a truck driver. They transferred from Russia to Germany in her teenage. By facing many struggles with the German language she grew up there itself which helped even her in education also.

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Education Of Anna in Germany

Anna completed her high schooling in a fancy art school which was located in London. After her schooling, she got an internship in Paris for the magazine of the purple. She was not satisfied with this and even tried for more in New York City. The reality of anna was revealed after the publishing of the magazine How Anna Delvey Tricked New York’s Party People about her scam. The details of were given by her best friend Neffarati Davis who used to work at a boutique hotel located at Soho of New York. Even anna worked there for some time but none of her partners used to like her. She used to be paid $100 for even a small work of servicing the food. As she only had one friend Nefferati who revealed her all plans out. Rather than showing her middle-class family she used to act as a rich woman.

Inventing Anna - Shonda Rhimes

Using her internship of the purple she used to meet Manhattan by visiting the different places. When she entered the city she spent all her money and she was in a need for a job she got a thought about the scam. She had a plan to keep an art club. At the last minute when the director of the bank decided to re-verify her properties, she took back her application. Later some of the workers in her club observed her scam.

Trip Of Anna

Anna along with her three friends decided to visit some of the places like Marrakesh and Morocco and anna decided to pay for everything in the trip. But she doesn’t have enough money to pay so she begged one of her friends and she said that she will pay back. After returning from the trip, she got prisoned by some officers due to bank fraud. After four years she came back and created an Instagram account where she explained her insult.

The Release Date of the Series

Inventing Anna is Scheduled to be released on February 11, 2022, on Netflix. Almost during Valentine’s week, Let’s hope the show has some valentine moods in its storyline.  If you have not seen the trailer please check out the trailer, which is mentioned above.

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