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Donald Trump and His Staff will get the Covid-19 Vaccine First

Donald Trump
Image Source: Hollywood Life

Donald Trump: Covid-19 pandemic is all over the world. All the country is busy discovering the vaccine. Now America discovers the vaccine.

It was first given to the Trump and white house staff. When this news was revealed Chelsea Clinton voluntarily come to protect the workers.

American people were upset when this issue was told by the National Security Council John Ullyot on Sunday, November 13.  It was said that the covid-19 vaccine is first given to these critical staff. This covid-19 vaccine was discovered by the company Pfizer and BioNtech.

Chelsea Clinton 40 years daughter Hillary Clinton tweeted that if we think that white house staff was critical workers at this moment. First, we have to listen to Donald Trump to see his and his team was more confident to be vaccinated. We have appreciated this and give support to them.

What Donald Trump has to say?

Chelsea was supported Dr. Grounder’s comment that Donald Trump was aged 74 and his staff was separated from anti-vaxxers due to fear. She taught that it was an incredible testament to the President and his staff members. They have trusted the company, before trusting we have to check the efficiency of the vaccine.

We have to check the efficiency of the vaccine and if the vaccine will prevent the disease and it prevents from getting sick Deer vaccinated.

Donald Trump
Image Source: Los Angeles Times

The whole situation was on Monday. When Ullyot said that President Trump and his staff will be vaccinated of government protocol established in an executive policy as per NPR.

After this Donald Trump states that people who were working in the white house should be vaccinated first which was later in the program which will be necessary for them.

He was also told that he wants to do some adjustments before vaccination. He did not schedule the time for vaccination. But he was looking forward to this work.

The FDA gives that statement that there is an emergency use for Pfizer or BioNtech for the use of vaccines. More than 44000 people get Covid-19 positive and people who are aged 16 years old found that there is no emergency for the vaccination. Because we might see some mild pain.

Sweating, fever, and some of the mild symptoms we can see in them. So there is no emergency for them to be vaccinated. When the people will be vaccinated within 24 hours all the symptoms were resolved.

There is no information on when they will be vaccinated. This is the latest news about the vaccine of coronavirus. Stay tuned for more updates.