Alexandra Breckenridge Reveals Shocking News of Virgin River Season 4

In a recent interview, Alexandra Breckenridge shared how the virgin river season 4 ending might have had a different end, and how she was totally against it.

If you’ve just concluded the Virgin River Season 4, you’re probably either celebrating or stunned—or a combination of both. Regardless, there’s no doubt it was an incredible climax filled with startling twists and turns.

Season five will be difficult to wait for, but actor Alexandra Breckenridge (Mel) reveals to Glamour that there will be another 12-episode season.

In addition, the Virgin River star claimed that had she not interfered, season four of the hit Netflix program may have ended quite differently.

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Here is What more Alexandra Breckenridge says about the twist in Virgin River season 4.

Alexandra Breckenridge

In a recent interview, the 40-year-old actress who plays Mel Monroe in the drama revealed that showrunner Patrick Sean Smith had intended for Mel’s late husband, Mark, to be the father of her child rather than Jack.

The actress told Glamour that she was against the storyline twist. “In all honesty, they had planned for Mel’s kid to be Mark’s,” she explained. “A long time.” And when the showrunner explained what was going on, I thought, ‘That’s a terrible idea.’ I was completely truthful. ‘I just don’t agree with it,’ I answered. I believe that Jack having children with Charmaine and then not having children with his true love is cruel to her.

Alexandra claimed she was “very outspoken” in her disapproval after some pushback from the showrunner, who believed it would be a wonderful idea to watch Jack “learn and mature and have to have this acceptance.”

“I responded, ‘I recognize that I am not the showrunner and that I am not a part of this creative process, even though I would love to be,'” she stated. “I continued sending Netflix short emails. ‘Really?’ I thought. Are we still going to do this? ‘I believe that is a horrible idea.'”

Thankfully, the showrunner changed his mind, and near the conclusion of the season, the actress was informed that Jack would be the father of Mel’s child.

For those who are surprised by the prospect of Mark being the father of Mel’s child, considering that his death happened before episode one of the first series, it’s worth noting that the events of the first four seasons took place over just five months.

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