Dexter Season 9 Reason For Murdering Rita Is Pretty Bad

Dexter Season 9 Updates: Dexter fans were accustomed to seeing characters die on the Showtime show. After all, a TV program about a serial murderer who prosecutes other serial killers is sure to have a high corpse count.

However, one of the killings in particularly shocked observers. People were taken aback when Rita died. Fans weren’t the only ones who were taken aback by the narrative surprise. Julie Benz, who played Rita, didn’t know out what was going to happen until the very last minute.

Dexter was a television series that followed Dexter Morgan, a blood-spatter specialist employed by the Miami Police Department. He did, however, have a terrible secret. Dexter’s day job was catching criminals, but he was also a serial murderer in his spare time.

One of the most intriguing aspects about Dexter was that, while he was capable of shocking brutality, he could also develop meaningful bonds with others. Rita Bennett was one of his most important connections.

Dexter Season 9 Murdering Rita


Rita made her debut appearance in the first episode of the series. She was a single mother, and she and Dexter were only getting to know one another. Because viewers already knew he was a serial murderer, seeing him in this more human light highlighted how complicated his life was.

The couple became closer over the next four seasons as Rita learned to trust and love Dexter. Dexter struggled to experience normal emotions at first, but when they married and had a kid together, he seemed to learn to love her and even improve as a person while they were together.

Many viewers considered their strange bond incredibly sympathetic and even humanizing for the serial murderer, which only added to the shock of her death.

Throughout her four-season career, she was subjected to unnecessarily painful treatment, beginning with her violent ex-husband. She then went through the mental anguish that comes with dating a double-life serial killer, only to be murdered by a mass murderer who simply brutalized her to illustrate a point to her husband.

Rita was, in the end, a one-dimensional figure. She was always defined by her victimization, and she was mostly utilized as a tool for Dexter’s development or as a means of inflicting pain on him.

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