Dexter Season 9: Will We See Old Characters?

Dexter Season 9 Updates: If you are hearing several things about Dexter season 9 then you should know that this show is getting far from Miami.

The new series entitled Dexter: New Blood is going to be filmed in an imaginary New York of Iron Lake. Several residents are residing there and we can tell that Dexter Morgan is going to be alone. So the question arises that can we get updates on other familiar faces in this movie.

In the pandemic situation, it will be very unreal that there will be a massive cast reunion. As the way Dexter has ended, it is impossible to imagine the original characters in the same place. As of now, nothing is just confirmed on this next movie we would not be surprised if characters from Miami Metro will be mentioned or not.

We think that Dexter can keep an eye on his colleagues even if they are not in contact with them. We know that it is a new show with new and interesting stories but we don’t want the writers to forget about their past. We want to see the development of the storylines for the honor of longtime viewers.

Dexter Season 9 Characters


The showrunners have announced that Dexter would return for a 10-episode series in October with Michael C. Hall booked for his reprise role. As this show is directed by Clyde Philips, Dexter season 9 will be releasing at the ending of 2021.

They have started filming in Sturbridge, Massachusetts and the production is booked in this week at a series of abandoned mines. Clancy Brown will be playing a role of an antagonist in this series and Kurt Caldwell will be playing the role of the unofficial mayor of the small town of Iron Lake. Brown has also worked in previous films like Shawshank Redemption and Billions.

It will be exciting to see old characters in this new movie with new storylines. Stay tuned for more updates…….

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