Dexter Season 9 Teaser Trailer Hints At Return Of Killer’s Estranged Son

Dexter Season 9 Updates: The teaser of Dexter Season 9 has a plot twist!. The Titular Killer’s son Harrison will have a role in the revival but it is not a happier one though.

A new teaser for Showtime’s upcoming Dexter revival hints at the return of the serial killer’s son Harrison. Throughout its initial 8-season run, Dexter shocked and thrilled audiences with its tale of a forensic technician with a big secret, Michael C.

Hall earned raves for his performance as Dexter Morgan, and the passion for the early seasons led to immense disappointment in the show’s end. Dexter’s series finale remains one of the most controversial conclusions in recent years, with Dexter faking his death, leaving his young son behind, and living as a lumberjack.

Finally, Dexter has an opportunity to make up for what happened at the end of season 8. Showtime confirmed last autumn that the series would be renewed for a 10-episode run.

Dexter Season 9 Plot Twist

Hall has returned as Dexter, while Clyde Phillips, the original showrunner, has returned for the first time since departing after season 4. So far, Hall is the only original cast member returning, though he’ll be joined by some exciting newcomers.

Clout News

The most recent teaser for the Dexter comeback teases yet another significant return. An unidentified individual tosses a photograph of Dexter and his son Harrison into a campfire in a brief video shared on social media as if destroying any evidence of the former’s prior existence. “Do you want to hear a little secret? Daddy is a serial killer “It’s an alarming post, as the caption states.

Indeed, happy Father’s Day.

Harrison was still a teenager when Dexter came to an end. He should be a teenager by the time Season 9 begins. That would make his father’s true occupation, as suggested in the teaser above, all the more heartbreaking. It may even lead Harrison down a dark road, confirming Dexter’s greatest dread.

Fans are excited about the release. They are ready to witness some clues about the plot twist in the upcoming months. Stay awake and get some clues from the sources. For sure the series is to give some huge hit. Hope it will satisfy the fans thereby giving its comeback!

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