Why Dexter Season 9 Is So Exciting (Despite The Hated Series Finale)

Dexter Season 9 Updates: Why is there so much enthusiasm about Dexter’s season 9 relaunch, given that it has one of the most reviled series finales of all time? Dexter is getting a ten-episode revival on Showtime, which will air in November 2021.
Dexter: New Blood will see Dexter Morgan in the upstate Fresh York hamlet of Iron Lake as he tries to hide his identity and evil companion from his new community while a new killer is on the loose.
Dexter concluded in a way that didn’t sit well with fans after eight seasons of the vigilante serial murderer struggling to hide his dark shadow and deadly hobbies in Miami. Dexter’s sister Deb was left braindead after a shooting in the original ending, and Dexter turned off her life support and dumped her in the water as he had done with his other victims.
Dexter then planned to stage his own death by abandoning his kid Harrison and fiancée Hannah and sailing into a storm at sea. The season 8 finale of Dexter ends on a dismal note, with Dexter taking up a new job as a lumberjack in Oregon, which isn’t how viewers expected such a high-stakes show to finish.

Dexter Season 9 Series Finale

In terms of forthcoming reboots, Dexter has been hailed as one of the most eagerly awaited. Given that The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ended in 1996 and Dexter ended less than a decade ago, it may seem counterintuitive that Dexter is generating more buzz than, say, The Fresh Prince of Bel-reboot, Air’s but the difference is that Dexter’s reboot is a chance to make up for the show’s finale’s failures.
A new season is also more acceptable, given that Dexter’s infamous series ending nevertheless managed to leave a ray of optimism in its uncertainty. Given that Dexter concludes with Dexter living a new life under a new name, Showtime never gave Dexter a true curtain close, leaving the audience with questions and room to imagine what his life would be like in a town where he had to start over.
A remake would appear needless and artificial if Dexter concluded with the producers’ initial goal of murdering him. Instead, the New Blood season is a chance for Showtime to make up for the original finale’s lack of closure by giving Dexter Morgan a definitive finish, even if it means murdering off the charming serial killer.

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