Dexter: New Blood: Why it is not called Dexter Season 9?

Dexter: New Blood Updates: Isn’t it quite natural to call Dexter: New Blood as Dexter: Season 9? Isn’t it an instinct in a lot of ways? In many ways, the names of calling the show depend from individual to individual. As it is a matter of explanation which depends completely on you, as considering your general feeling for the show.

Michael C. Hall is playing the character called Dexter Morgan, so it is a natural and organic feeling that will be there for a certain piece.

This is a broadly different show, as siding Michal C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter (who is not playing Deb in the same way). It will feel refreshed several times, that too thematically. It has several new characters. And, on top of that, it’s set in a completely different place.

Maybe this is the purpose why Clyde Phillips, a returning showrunner is reluctant to perceive the show as ultimately another chapter in Dexter’s story. A recent interview of Phillips was taken in Drama Quarterly.

Dexter: New Blood

In every portion of the show, Hall was involved as straightforward as it can be. This furthermore comprises signing off on the altogether motive of fathers and sons that is going to extend throughout some of the episodes. Dexter’s dead father Harry will however have some kind of role in his mind, and we are so interested in that.

Dexter’s son Harrison will have a crucial part to play in New Blood. Is it a combination of two, or is it going to be all Deb now?

Keep in mind that, Dexter: New Blood is supposed to air on Showtime. Which is going to start from 7th of November, Sunday.

What can we hope the most from Dexter: New Blood?

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