Dexter Season 9 Actor Jamie Chung Suggests Original Cast Will Return

Dexter Season 9 Updates: In season 9 of the series Dexter the actress Jamie Chung suggested the return of the old member of the cast. The hit show ended in the year 2013. With Dexter who was faking for his death and was lying low in Oregon as a lumberjack.

For many reasons, the Final Season of the Dexter was planned. But it became complicated of showing the story arcs of the end of the main characters. Fans have been demanding for Showtime, revive Dexter and fix the ending of the show. It was confirmed in October 2019 that season 9 of Dexter was going to come soon.

Hall has been only the confirmed member of the cast for the series. As the release season, 9 is approaching, more and more details are revealed by the network. According to the trailer, Dexter has been returned to the killing which is mainly due to the new adversary played by Clancy Brown.

At the beginning of the year, it was revealed that Dexter season 9 mostly will be going to take place in the upstate of New York. After a month, Chung was chosen to play the role of the true-crime podcaster. It is totally unknown how big the role is going to be for Chung in the series. But she has given a huge detail of the potential of the series season 9.

Dexter Season 9 Jamie Chung’s Suggestion


Chung has also commented about her involvement in season 9 of Dexter.  The actress does not tell much about the story but said that it is going to be ‘Darker’.

It was revealed at the beginning of May that James Remar, who is playing the role of Harry Morgan in the last eight seasons, is not going to be involved in the revival.

Remar said that Showtime has not called any of the original cast and he doesn’t know anything about season 9.  Since Chung has already confirmed her part in the cast. It clearly shows that she has a bit more knowledge about the plan of Showtime. Showtime might be keeping the involvement of the original cast to be secret.

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