Dexter Season 9: Release Date and A new teaser unveiled, the son Harrison back?

Dexter Season 9 Updates: This new teaser could well have unveiled the return of Dexter’s son in season 9! …
Showtime continues to raise the suspense! Three weeks after unveiling a new Dexter Season 9 teaser to learn more about Dexter’s new identity, the channel celebrated Father’s Day in a rather quirky way this weekend. Indeed, another video clip was shared on this occasion on social networks.

A mysterious teasing that alludes to the possible return of Harrison Morgan, the son of the serial killer, in the sequel. And for good reason, we can see a photo of Dexter and his offspring being thrown into a campfire. A strong and symbolic gesture, as if the anti-hero felt the need to erase all traces and memories of his past life.

However, we can also read ” Do you want to know a secret? Daddy kills people “ in the caption of the post. A disturbing and not very festive message for Father’s Day! However, this detail could mean the return of Harrison, perhaps even Hannah with whom the young boy now lives in Argentina.

As a reminder, after escaping Jacob Elway, the latter, who had no idea of ​​Dexter’s fate, fled far from Miami with her biological son at the end of season 8. It remains to be seen whether the young woman will succeed in entering in contact with the anti-hero exiled in Iron Lake and who now calls himself Jim Lindsay. See you this fall to find out! Until then, check out the first image from Dexter’s revival starring Michael C.

We finally know a little more about the new identity of Dexter in season 9!

Three weeks ago, fans of the famous serial killer were able to discover with joy the first trailer for Dexter Season 9. The opportunity to realize that the character played by Michael C. Hall had not changed, even after all these years! Indeed, the latter who has gone into exile in the fictional small town of Iron Lake in the state of New York seems to take pleasure in once again satisfying his murderous urges. Proof that showrunner Clyde Phillips intends to offer fans a new season packed with hemoglobin. What promise to permanently erase the enormous discomfort caused by the disappointing end of the previous season!

Moreover, Showtime continues to increase the suspense! Indeed, the channel unveiled yesterday on Twitter a small unpublished video of season 9 which provides valuable information on Dexter. And for good reason, the latter shows a badge belonging to him, proving that the serial killer is now hiding under a false identity.

In future episodes, Dexter Season 9 will therefore be called Jim Lindsay and will work as a salesperson for the fishing store Fred’s Fish & Game. A ploy that aims not to draw too much attention to him in his new environment and which will most certainly be questioned by some members of the original cast officially back in this ninth season of Dexter. The appointment is given next fall to find out more!

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