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Dexter Season 9: Could Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) come back?

Dexter Season 9 Jennifer Carpenter

Dexter Season 9 Updates: Died in the last – then – episode of Dexter, could Debra Morgan make an appearance in the revival of the adventures of the serial killer?
Since the broadcast of the first teaser for season 9 of Dexter, fans of the serial killer have been impatient and questions are fanning out. If we know that these new episodes will not aim to right the wrongs caused by the finale of season 8, what kind of intrigue will they offer? And which characters from the serial killer’s past might make an appearance?

We know that the dead have a habit of haunting the character played by Michael C. Hall and we can easily imagine a return in the spectral form of Debra Morgan for example. Especially since Jennifer Carpenter sowed doubt …

Dexter Season 9: How Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) will come back?


Dexter Season 9
Credit: Screenrant

The ex-wife of his fictional brother (!) Has indeed posted on his Instagram account, a photo – since withdrawn – on a film set where some fans recognized Dexter’s name on the service badges. On another video, again deleted, the actress showed the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, a sculpture park located in an area of ​​Massachusetts corresponding to the location of the Showtime revival series. Many clues – strangely erased – suggest that Debra Morgan could indeed be back in this season 9 of Dexter which will also see the presence of an actress from Once Upon a Time.

The new season is set to start 10 years after the end of Season 8 and continue Dexter’s story after disappearing during Hurricane Laura and starting a new life as a lumberjack in Iron Lake, Oregon.

 Season 9: Trailer and Pictures

US broadcaster Showtime has now put a 30-second teaser trailer online. He shows how Dexter looks through a window at a snowy landscape. A tied victim is reflected in the window.

The series makers previously published a 10-second trailer on Twitter. In it you can hear Dexter say in English: “There is nothing better than to return to nature – to my nature.”

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