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Outlander Season 6: What is Sophie Skelton details Brianna’s ‘loyalty issues’ with Jamie Fraser

Outlander Season 6
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Outlander Season 6 Updates: Outlander’s Briana thinks that her father was Frank Randall for 20 years of her age. When her mother died, she said that Jamie was her birth father, then she denied accepting him as her birth father.

Claire split the news regarding Brianna’s when they visited Scotland after the death of Frank Randall’s. Brianna didn’t get her mother’s words and unable to understand the flow of time.

Further, she agreed with her mother and understood her mother, so she decided to go back and reunite with Jamie.

Brianna’s loyalty to Jamie:

When Brianna and Jamie faced each other, it will be the right moment and an awkward one. According to Sophie, that Brianna wouldn’t be able to connect with Jamie because she had some patriotism to Frank.

It revealed how much Brianna close to frank and why she didn’t accept that Frank wasn’t his birth father. Brianna Fraser trusts that her father was Frank Randall for 20 years till her mother Claire didn’t tell anything about it.

But in the 18th century, she knew that Jamie Fraser was her birth father after so much of struggling to overcome her mother.

Outlander Season 6
Image Source: Daily Express

In Season 4, Brianna and Jamie met the first time. Frank Randall told Sophie that he was so uncomfortable about that meeting.

Well, fans have been waiting for a long time, along with Jamie and Brianna. Sophie stated that the fantastic moment would be coming where both of them like the same house on fire straight away and Brianna didn’t meet his father once till 20 years of age.

She had some fidelity issues in terms of feelings, but she double-crossed Frank once. Suddenly, she decided with her husband that they will be gone back to the present day.

Jamie felt down when Brianna and her husband struggled to pass the base phase, but they found each other in the 18th century.

When can we get the Release date of Outlander Season 6?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic Outlander Season 6 has been postponed. But the beloved series will be featuring with the 6th season in early 2021.

In this season, the most significant mystery will become out. Diana Gabaldon has announced that Jamie’s ghost that Frank, will be revealed on that fateful day. So the fans can watch the fantastic romantic series in the next year.