Play Station 5 Launch Date, Price, specifications and Some inside leaks as a console lover you must know !


Play Station 5 Updates: Since the announcement of Sony Play Station 5 everybody, mostly console lovers eager for its launch. The past two weeks were absolutely disappointing for console fans all around the globe. First Sony failed to communicate it’s preorder information correctly to customers and has to apologize. Then the Xbox website crashes due to heavy load on the servers because of flooding customers.

But the thing is there is no need to worry there will be a soon return. Prepaid orders will get a life again soon. But the thing is more information is yet to be released for the same. Although our sources are informing us regarding the stats and some internal status.

Inside News and information (Leaks) :

Popular insider Wario 64 posted on Twitter handle regarding the things he has details about. He captions “Game stop will be doing in history only preorders of PS 5 (disc) this Friday. These play stations will not be for launch day but likely to witness one or two weeks after .” These things are heard from employees’ talks.

In addition to this some of the things to note are :


“Preorders will be available during normal Game Stop hours.

Play Station 5 expecting to arrive within a week of launch.

Pulse headset / Dual Sense charging will not be available to the preorders .”

These things can flame up the chase. As pandemic is on its peak and people are flooding up at the stores.

When will Play Station 5 land in the market :

Play Station digital edition is estimated to be near around $399.99 which can cost about 29500 INR. While if one purchases it in the United Kingdom one has to pay 34,900 INR in form of pounds.

Play Station 5 will have two editions. One will be the 4k Blue-ray edition and another one digital edition. It is announced that the digital edition will not have any disc drive. Regarding the release, there is an announcement that it will release on 12 November in the UK , Japan, Korea, Canada, Australia, New Zealand. The rest of the world will see it in markets on 19 November 2020.

Now just hoping that pandemic does not affect the release. Though unlock processes are now increasing worldwide. So let’s wait and watch.

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