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Among Us Alternative Project Winter Is Coming To Xbox & PC

Among Us

Among Us Updates: Another option to Among Us is coming out, setting eight players against one another to discover who is the trickster among a group in a snowstorm. 

There’s a new game in town, just like the famous Among Us. It will be coming to both PC and Xbox and is named Project Winter.

The game, which has been out on Steam for a tad, has the same basic ideas as the 2020 sensation. However, this one comes with a few additional features that were not available for players. 

The game that was a 2020 sensation actually stayed well into the new year. Among Us is now available to numerous platforms recently, for example, the Nintendo Switch and soon Xbox.

Fans from everywhere around the world have shown their love for the game through fan art, different rebuilds of the maps, and a lot of crossovers. Yet, when a game genre gets famous, different games begin to come out too, and that is the thing that Project Winter is. 

Among Us Project Winter

Among Us

As per Other Ocean Group, the people behind Project Winter, the game is set in the cold tundra of the mountains, covered by a thick cover of wilderness and snowstorms.

Eight teammates should cooperate to get away from the horrors around them, all while attempting to look out for the “deadly intentions” of other colleagues.

What makes Project Winter somewhat unique in relation to Among Us isn’t just the fact it has a voice proximity feature included, but also that they will likewise be accessible for Xbox players sooner rather than later. 

For a game that is like Among Us, this is such news players like to hear. Among Us has a voice chat mod that numerous players have been utilizing so the way text chat has become useless.

In light of the fact that it is a mod, players on Xbox or Nintendo Switch weren’t able to use it, which is the thing that makes this new option a little bit more compelling. All things considered, many may incline toward the more straightforward gameplay. 

While Games keeps on being famous on mobile platforms, there’s no rejecting that it very well may be the ideal opportunity for a change, and Project Winter might be the next sensation. Project Winter is now accessible on Steam. However, it will also be coming to Xbox and Windows 10 on January 26th.

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