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Lose a few marbles with Marble Duel on Xbox One and Xbox Series

Marble Duel
Marble Duel

Marble Duel Updates: We lost a large proportion of our twenties on the Xbox 360. Playing Puzzle Quest. However, all it did was take an existing game, the match-3 puzzler in its case, and bolt-on all the trappings of an RPG: war, a storyline, an environment to navigate through, and a sense of progression.

HeroCraft, a Russian production studio, has tried to do the same with the various Puzzle Missions, but this time with ‘marble-matching’ games like Sparkle Unleashed and Azkend 2.

The game screen winds itself across a long trail of marbles. They’re various shades, and you’ve got a marble launcher at the bottom or center of the screen, most often.

In order to make room for it, you point your marble launcher at the marble track, the marble track shunts apart, and any 3+ matches vanish. It sets off a chain reaction more often than not when the track of marbles crunches down to fill the void you have created. Voila! Voila! Marble-corresponding.

More information about Marble Duel:

This is extrapolated in Marble Duel’s case to become a full-blown RPG. In a magical universe, you play a girl named Evy, who seems to have gotten lost, Alice in Wonderland-style.

Marble Duel

You take on werewolves, robots, scarecrows, and more in an attempt to meet the ultimate witch who invades the planet, using the incredible powers of marble-propulsion. Marble Duel actually appears to be stoning value for money for a budget title at just £ 8.39.

There are 150 levels here, which is around 6p a level for our strained maths, and thanks to a leveling feature for your character, and numerous updates, there is more longevity than we anticipated.

About game description:

In a realm conquered by a wicked witch and her minions, fairy duels are the way to settle any conflict. You will be confronted by any creature you face, but the strength of spells will help you defeat the enemy.

Master and strengthen the spheres’ destructive power, and you’ll become the most formidable mage ever! The time for mercy is not now. It is time for evil to be eradicated! Master the ancient force of mystical spheres!

Win Duels Create your hero Level up to Legendary your sorcerer! Boost your magic ability from duel to duel! Upgrade your spells! Be prepared to encounter very odd allies and encounter remarkable characters.