Happy Birthday Google ! Google turns 22 and Celebrates with a Special Doodle

Google Doodle

Google Doodle Updates: For 15 years, that one that knows every single thing is GOOGLE. Google is the synonym for search. An invention that changed the definition of knowledge. American Dialect Society back in 2002, chose Google as the most useful word. And after four years then the word Google was added in the Oxford dictionary and Merrian – Webster Collegiate dictionary.

Talking and witnessing the present days. In the 21st century, there is not a single day when any user does not google the things. Not only the phone but laptops and desktops, tablets. This search engine is the favorite and most used search engine around the globe.

Google has its customs and celebrating methods. The company parented by Alphabet inc. Every day remembers historical events and great personalities through Google Doodle.

But do not forget 27 September that’s a very special day. A day that changed the working of mankind. On this day twenty-two years ago two Ph.D. students Sergey Brin and Larry Page came up with this idea. An idea of establishing a large scale search engine where information about everything is available. Rest everything bit by bit made a powerful multinational corporation.

Google Doodle on Google’s Birthday :

Google Doodle

Recently on 27 September 2020 Google doodle shows an animated G celebrating its birthday. With a birthday hat looking in its laptop with several gifts all around it. A cake, candles, and a full set up of birthday party. This animated doodle is a mark of the twenty-two years of excellence and an ultimate successful journey.

The official Google page shares the epic of the founders of Google and its roots back to the Sunny campus of Stanford University. No matter how old Google becomes it’s the first choice till now for any information. amongst mankind.

The official Google page also describes every single part in the history of Google until the present day. You can visit it and can add up many useful things for your awareness.

Once again wishing a delightful Happy Birthday to Google and the team. For more updates and information like this stay tuned to us. Till any new information or update arrives keep waiting and supporting.

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