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Among Us Alternative Project Winter is coming to Xbox and PC.

Among Us

Among Us Updates: A very new exciting alternative is coming out for Among Us, putting great famous eight players against each other to find out who is the traitor in a blizzard among a famous beautiful party.

A new exciting alternative to the common Among Us famous game, named Project Winter will be coming to both personal computer and Xbox.

The game, which has been out for a little bit on Steam, has the same concepts as the famous mobile game, but with a few additional features not in Among Us. In the new year, the mobile game that took over 2020 still stayed popular.

Multiple platforms, such as the Nintendo Switch and soon Xbox, have come to us lately. Via fan art, numerous retellings of the maps, and several crossovers, fans from around the world have embraced the game. But as one genre becomes popular in gaming, many other games often begin to come out, and that is what Project Winter is.

The game’s presumption is that it takes place in the frozen tundra of the mountains, surrounded by a dense blanket of wilderness and blizzards, according to Other Ocean Party, the production team behind Project Winter.

To escape the horrors around them, eight teammates must work together, all while trying to keep an eye out for other team members’ “deathly intentions” The game involves crafting and collecting resources while also motivating players to talk to each other, because if cooperation is not involved, “grizzly bears” and sabotage would be involved.

What is Among Us Winter Project

Among Us

What makes Project Winter a little different from Among Us is that it not only has a voice proximity feature now, but it will also be available in the near future for Xbox users.

This is the type of news players want to hear for a game that’s close to Among Us. The famous game has a voice proximity mod that has been used by many users in order to make text chat obsolete.

However, since it is a mod, it was not available to users on Xbox or Nintendo Switch, which is what makes this new alternative a little more appealing to the eye.

Not only that but through survival and crafting mechanics, it seems there is a little more gameplay involved with this as well. Even so, the simpler gameplay of Among Us might be favored by many.

While it is still popular with us on the cell phone and fans make crossroads to satisfy people still, it cannot be denied that a change might happen. And Project Winter might be the solution for those players who want it.

The game is already available on Steam, but on January 26th it will arrive on Xbox and Windows 10, releasing cross-play, as well as Xbox Game Pass for those subscribers to enjoy.

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