Marvel Avengers Upgrades Hulk Destruction & More In Current-Gen Versions

Marvel Avengers Updates: It is anticipated that Marvel is going to introduce a leap in its Xbox series X and Play station 5. To make it more appealing to the users, enhancements to the current features and some brand new features will be introduced.

Marvel Avengers has been the most anticipated so far and expectations were very high with it as it was supposed to be the Game version of the Marvel cinematic universe but from its launch in September last year,  things have been very rough towards it as it is going through many ups and downs.

Although with poor sales and mixed reviews, Crystal Dynamics is doing everything possible to support it. To improve story arcs can be added alongside new heroes as there is still a plan to overcome but it could also hurt its ability to follow through as the game has many obstacles to deal with.

As the game was launched alongside many bugs which however forced the developers to focus on them rather than updating and treating fans with new updates which made it even more difficult and it was only seven months after its launch that it updates its first content and will be introducing Hawkeye for whom the fans were anticipating to debut much earlier like mere weeks later to the launch of the game series.

Marvel Avengers: Hulk Destruction & More


The game is struggling to impress its fans and there is a hope that with Xbox series X and PlayStation 5, marvel would be able to give Marvel’s Avenger a new life.

The new teaser released of Marvel’s Avenger demonstrated a number of enhancements ranging from improved load times and destruction of chaotic characters like the incredible hulk.

Players will also be able to play multiplayer with the same console family, meaning ps5 players can play with ps4 ones.

There is no word for whether cross-play will be there or not in Marvel’s Avengers or not.

It is surely the last big chance for Marvel’s Avengers to get players hooked up to it.

The new version is all set to launch on March 18 with the update of Hawkeye and Kate Bishop. The version will also be having a free upgrade for those into the console family.

Ideally, fans can be treated with the upgrade of Black Panther also.

Spiderman is all set to join later this year.

Let’s hope that Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics can work things out.

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