Amazon Luna Comparison with Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud Game Pass

Amazon Luna

Amazon Luna Updates: You must have heard about the much-awaited device of Amazon. Well, it is the Amazon Luna. It has been a long-rumored product of the company. With the introduction of Amazon Luna in the market, the company has also entered the gaming arena. Previously, Google launched its Stadia in November last year.

Following this Nvidia’s Ge Force left beta in February and Cloud gaming, formerly known as xCloud, is also included in the Game Pass Ultimate Subscription. This was the news until September 15. This subscription is valid for android users only. 

Each company is handling cloud gaming with a different approach. We are waiting to see which company takes off on the minds of the users. 

Amazon Luna

Luna by Amazon will offer you all-you-can-play access to different games that are part of various channels. It is almost like cable channels. Immediately after the launch, you will only be allowed to subscribe only to Luna Plus. However, this will happen only if you are accepted as an early access user. Apart from Luna Plus, Ubisoft is the only channel announced. 

You cannot buy games on Luna as of now. You will have to play them in bundles. The starting price of Luna will be $5.99 per month. Ubisoft is listed in the coming up channels of Luna and has not got any pricing yet. One will be able to access Luna at PC, Mac, Fire TV. Apart from these what makes a notable difference is that Luna will also be accessible on iPad and iPhone.

Google Stadia

Amazon Luna

This gaming service is somewhat similar to Amazon’s Luna. It allows you to play games distributed by Google centers and has a controller that allows it to connect to Google’s servers. The business model of the same has some notable differences. 

It gives you two various access. One, you can buy individual titles at full price and stream whenever you want. Second, you can buy Stadia Pro monthly subscription at $9.99 and change the line-up of games for free.

Microsoft Games Pass Ultime Streaming

The subscription of Xbox will cost you $14.99 per month and you can beam around 150 games from Microsoft’s data center directly to your streaming device. However, it is only accessible to Android users. Currently, the Xbox might have the worst graphic representation and slower loading time. Hence, it will not load faster. 

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