will.i.am Says He Inspired Beyoncé to release Break My Soul Remix Ep

Beyoncé has published a four-track EP that includes remixes of the song “Renaissance” by artists such as Honey Dijon, Terry Hunter, and Nita Aviance. The EP was released earlier this year.

Will.i.am claims, however, that the event in its whole would never have taken place in his absence of him. When asked about it, he told Metro, “I was in France when her song came out (‘Break My Soul’), and I was like, ‘I wish the beat did this.'” After that, I contacted my collaborator, and we completed the task using the online platform FYI.

After that, the vocalist for the Black-Eyed Peas said that “they weren’t thinking about remixes until I delivered it.” He said, “They released a remix EP, and my song was the first one on it – and I was the inspiration for it.” It’s hard to put it into words, but it’s almost as if Santa Claus is a natural person!

Dijon went to Instagram after the release of “Break My Soul” to praise Beyoncé for sharing “Chicago dance music origins” and to compliment ‘Renaissance’ for its more extensive exhibition of “black queer and trans culture.” Dijon responded, “I am honored, humbled, giddy with excitement, and proud.”

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Beyoncé and Madonna Collaborated on the Song Break My Soul.

Entertainment Weekly

Beyoncé and Madonna also collaborated on a remix of ‘Break My Soul’ called ‘The Queens’ remix. This version interpolates Madonna’s classic song ‘Vogue’ from 1990. It pays tribute to legendary black female artists such as Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross, as well as iconic ballroom houses such as the House of Aviance and the House of Xtravaganza.

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After the remix’s release, Beyoncé sent a letter of gratitude to Madonna in which she thanked her and addressed her as “Queen.” “I can’t express how thankful I am to you. You have made it possible for many women to access previously closed doors. You are a magnificent genius.”

The email said, “Thank you for allowing me to sing in your song, and thank you for naming the remix.” Love you always and always and forever, B.

Cardi B shared with the world a thank-you card that Beyoncé had written and given to her. The message stated, “Hard working, gorgeous and brilliant queen. I am grateful that you have never stopped believing in me. I am sending you and your family all the love in the world.

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