Madonna Was Seen Locking Lips With Rapper Tokischa in New Music Video

Madonna released her new music video on 20th September 2022, and it is loved by fans so much.

It is the 21st century and everything could be expected and accepted if it is going in the name of entertainment. And that is the reason why we have seen a lot of celebrities doing a certain activity that was not so common but has now been accepted by fans.

Talking about such things then we should look at films and music videos that reveal some of the sensuous things. Among them is the singer Madonna who was seen making out with rapper Tokischa in a very hot music video.

In the new music video of Madonna, we have seen her new avatar which was very hot and steamy. The 64-year-old Popstar Madonna was seen collaborating with Tokischa in a new music video that was released on 20 September 2022. This music video is the remix of the hit song called Hang Up which was released in 2005.

The name of this song has changed to Hung Up On Tokischa and was released on 20 September. In the music video, we can see both of them charging each other and dancing while giving the best of their shots. They were even seen locking lips as they were singing and becoming head over heels on the song.

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Here you can watch the Music Video of Madonna and Tokischa.

Madonna was singing the chorus of the song while Tokischa was taking the verses in Spanish. They both were wearing s*xy outfits while Madonna was changing into several including a body suit and shorts. She was in fact seen in high boots and silky pants that were going well with her jacket.

Coming to Tokischa then she was also wearing a revealing outfit where she was seen in a white crop tank and blue jeans. This video was filmed in Washington Heights.

Coming to their collaboration then they opened up about it during a live performance in New York City. The pair kissed each other on the stage which was indirectly revealing some hints related to the upcoming music video.

It was not just both of them but also the son of Madonna named David who is 16 years old was also seen dancing alongside his mother.

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