Taylor Swift Revealed 3rd Song Title from her Upcoming Album Midnights

Taylor Swift has been randomly selecting which song names to reveal in the run-up to the release of the album the next month as part of a series called “Midnights Mayhem With Me,” which was revealed on September 21.

“I’m not going to lie to you and say that I don’t tend to give you information about my music that contains cryptic hints and Easter eggs because I do; I’m just not going to do that. Swift says this to the camera before announcing the new series. “But I am here to resist it,” she continues.

“I’m going to be using this technologically advanced device to help me allow fate to decide exactly what track titles I’m going to be announcing and in what order,” she continues, pointing to a bingo cage with 13 balls. “I’m going to be allowing fate to decide exactly what track titles I will be announcing, and in what order.” Every one of the balls has a number corresponding to a track on the CD.

Mastermind and Vigilante Shit are the only two song names that Taylor Swift has divulged thus far. The most recent track title she has divulged is for the sixth song, “Question…?”

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The New Album of Taylor Swift Midnights will be released next month.

Taylor Swift

The album “Midnights” is set to be released on October 21. Swift broke the news about the album during this year’s MTV Video Music Awards event, where she was receiving the award for Video of the Year. She described the record in a letter to her fans immediately after the ceremony.

Swift said at the time this album was being put together; it was “a compilation of songs created in the middle of the night, a voyage through terrors and pleasant dreams.” “These are the halls we walk and the devils we fight.”

For those of us who have tossed and turned and chosen to keep the light of the lantern and continue looking in the vain hope that when the clock strikes twelve. We’ll finally find ourselves.”

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Aside from the album’s overarching premise, not much more is known about the singer-tenth songwriter’s studio album; however, she has recently disclosed that her longtime collaborator Jack Antonoff contributed to the record.

During the annual awards event held by the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), which took place on September 20, Taylor Swift was presented with the Songwriter-Artist of the Decade Award.

During her statement accepting the award, she spoke about segmenting her lyrics into various categories, re-recording her first six studio albums, and releasing an extended, 10-minute version of the song “All Too Well” from her album “Red.”

Both ‘Folklore’ and ‘Evermore,’ Taylor Swift’s most recent albums of new material, were released in 2020. The previous year saw the publication of the first two of Taylor’s re-recorded albums, titled “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” and “Red (Taylor’s Version),” respectively.

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