Mark Ruffalo Congratulates ‘The Adam Project’ On Its Success.

Mark Ruffalo Update: Many people couldn’t resist putting Ryan Reynolds and Mark Ruffalo, two of Hollywood’s most attractive actors, in the same film. With Ruffalo reunited with Jennifer Garner and a young actor, Walker Scobell, perfectly placed as Reynolds’ younger self, it’s no surprise that The Adam Project was a smash hit for Netflix.

When it was released, the film was an instant hit, landing in the top three movie releases on the streaming site. It’s been just over a month since the film premiered on March 11, and it’s still doing well for Netflix, being among the top five most-watched movies of all time.

Ruffalo shared the astonishing amount on Twitter to celebrate his achievement, and it appears that the Marvel actor has a lot of love to give…as if we didn’t already know!

Mark Ruffalo Congratulates ‘The Adam Project’ On Its Success.

Mark Ruffalo

The film has now been viewed for a total of 233.15 million hours, which is a remarkable achievement for a film that has only been released for a month. Red Notice, Reynolds’ other smash Netflix production, is currently in top place with 364,020,000 hours in its first 28 days. Then there’s don’t look up, and then there’s birdcage. In third place.

The family-centric time-travel sci-fi, which sees future Adam (Reynolds) crash-land in 2022 to meet his 12-year-old self, appears to have struck a chord with audiences (Scobell). Together, they must travel further back in time to find his father (Ruffalo) in order to ensure that time travel does not exist and cannot be abused by anyone seeking to utilize it for their own personal gain.

Fans loved seeing Ruffalo and Reynolds interact, but they were even more delighted to see Jennifer Garner and Ruffalo together in a film as a romantic relationship for the first time since they were 13 and 30. For many fans of the couple’s romance in the 2000s rom-com classic, it was a journey down memory lane.

Despite being set in the present day, the entire picture had an air of nostalgia for the 1980s. The desire for Steven Spielberg’s ’80s style, which can currently be seen in a slew of films and television shows, appears to be alive and well in Hollywood.

The Adam Project is currently available on Netflix.

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