Is KJ Apa and Clara Berry Married?, Here Are All The Details!!

Riverdale star KJ Apa is now surrounded by the rumors. Keeping things private and very low and especially to the ground is something in which our celebrity is perfect. As we know that their day to day life gets covered in newspapers or some articles on the internet so that is the reason why they have to be so careful related to their personal life. Some celebrities don’t like the fact of getting so much public attention, especially in their love life.

And that is the reason why they try to hide something or they try to play with that if it is around their love life or married status. The same happened with the actor KJ Apa who tried to play with the questions related to his marital status.

The actor KJ Apa is now surrounded by rumors of his marital status. Recently was asked something related to it but instead of giving any kind of a clear answer, he played with it. The lady with whom he is rumored to be married is none other than Clara Berry. The actor has called Clara his “wife”.

What more KJ Apa revealed in the Interview?

K J Apa

KJ Apa has talked to E-News about getting married in his recent interview. The interview has talked about one of the Instagram posts of the actor where he called Clara his wife. The question was asked him if it was just a kind of a sweet turn of endearment towards Clara.

In reply to it, KJ Apa give a very playful answer and said maybe he is married. Adding more to it he said it is none of the other business but it is his business whether he is married or not. It was totally a joke and that is the reason why everyone took it very lightly.

When it comes to the relationship between both actors then they both are very private related to their relationship. It is totally not clear whether they are married or not married secretly. A lot of people are saying that the word wife is just a pet name Clara that KJ Apa has given her. Even if it is a pet name it still shows how close they are to each other and that is the reason why they are called husband and wife to each other.

The couple welcomed a very beautiful baby boy whose name is Sasha. The baby was born on 23 September 2021. It was the mother who confirmed the news through an Instagram posts.

Calling her baby a “perfect perfection” she declared herself the luckiest to have two men in her life. These two men have filled her life with love. She captions these things with the pictures she has uploaded. In the picture, we can see the little hands of the baby boy over the hands of the mother.

It was also on 24 October 2021 when the daddy himself posted a picture of Clara’s breast milk getting poured into a cup of coffee. He called her a milk machine and he is loving that.

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