Avengers Mark Ruffalo celebrates National Cat Day with feline friend

Mark Ruffalo Updates: It has to be highlighted here at Dog O’Day because we love all cats (and most other critters in general) and are huge Ruffalo fans.

National Cat Day was on October 29, so if you’re able, now would be a great time to adopt a cat from your local animal shelter.

True, cats aren’t usually devoted to you, but their knowledge and oddities can serve as a daily lesson in humility and dignity.

Mark Ruffalo has or has had at least five cats, according to PopSugar, including Biscotti, Felix, Inky, Hansel, and Magnus, during his time as a celebrity (and since Instagram was established). His daughter, who is an accomplished photographer, took some of the photographs of him with his cats.

While Mark Ruffalo is best known for his role as Dr. Bruce Banner/Incredible Hulk in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which he has appeared in six films to date and will most likely make a guest appearance in the She-Hulk TV show, which will premiere on Disney Plus next year (and follows Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters), he has also appeared in a little bit of everything.

Mark Ruffalo celebrates National Cat Day


His most well-known roles include Jennifer Garner’s romcom13 Going On 30, as well as the magician thriller Now You See Me, the journalism drama Spotlight with fellow MCU veteran Rachel McAdams, and the film adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s iconic picture book Where the Wild Things Are.

So Mark Ruffalo is a versatile actor who can play a variety of roles, and we’re confident he’d debunk the cat dating study.

And Mark Ruffalo time with Marvel isn’t ended yet. Some fans were confused when the actor appeared in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Bruce morphs into Professor Hulk in Avengers: Endgame, a hybrid of himself and the Hulk. When he reappears at the end of Shang-Chi, he is Bruce once more.

Whatever the reason for Bruce’s new, old look, it’s probable that we’ll learn more about him in She-Hulk, which will debut on Disney+ next year. Tatiana Maslany will play Jennifer Walters, a New York City lawyer whose life is turned upside down after she is involved in an accident and needs a blood transfusion from her cousin, Bruce Banner.

So Jennifer develops her own version of Hulk’s abilities as a result. Last week, it was also reported that a World War Hulk film was in the works.

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