Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck looking For A New Mansion In Beverly Hills!!

After the engagement, Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck are planning to move in together. If we see any couple getting engaged then the next step is definitely getting a big house. The same happens with her celebrities who are planning to become a family. Just after the engagement or before the engagement we have seen a lot of celebrities moving into a very big mansion.

The main focus of these couples is basically living a happy and healthy life together in a happy and healthy house. That is the reason why they go in a search of a new happy place according to their wish. The same happened with newly engaged couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez has recently got engaged to her boyfriend Ben Affleck. They are totally ready to settle down into a new house where they can get all kinds of cozy movement and relief. The engagement happened last Friday and we have also seen a beautiful green diamond ring that Ben Affleck has given to Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck have checked for any options

Jennifer Lopez
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Just after getting engaged the couple was spotted around the Beverly Hills looking for a new home. They are looking for new states somewhere nearby Beverly Hills. The couple has checked a lot of mansions.

One of the mansions was worth $65 million. This Mansion was of around 30000 square feet. There was another spot that was worth $75 million. This house was around 27816 square feet. The house also has a backyard and a swimming pool.

The deal came after 55 million worth of houses went to collapse. It is still not clear why the deal was broken. The couple has also started talking about their wedding and also planning them. They are trying to make this wedding larger than life. When it comes to the expenses then no expenses will be shared.

According to some sources of Hollywood life, it is revealed that even if the couple was going to get a private ceremony but still it would be a huge wedding. It is still not clear whether the ceremony would be private or public but it will have the appearance of a lot of celebrities.

When it comes to the changes that have been made then nothing has been changed except adding some new names to their guest list. Jennifer Lopez has also shared some pictures of her wedding ring and videos.

We have seen how her green diamond rings symbolize not just prosperity but it is also very personal to the actress. It is always green color which has been lucky for her and her career. Apart from symbolizing life and happiness the green color also symbolizes peaceful love.

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