Movies of Robert Downey Jr. You Must Watch

For his fans, Robert Downey Jr. is well known as Iron Man, a role of superhero he played in Marvel Cinematic Universe Production movies from 2008. But there is a long list of movies of Robert which is worth watching and the fans of Iron Man can also enjoy these movies.

Robert is a versatile actor and some of his characters are memorable Sherlock Homes and Charli Chaplin. For the movie Chaplin, Robert also won many awards like BAFTA and RDJ and was also nominated for Oscar. In the year 1980, Robert also acted in a teen comedy movie ‘Back to school,’ and the movie was loved by the people.

In the era of 90s, Robert went through some bad phases as he was in limelight for drug addiction but he made his comeback in the 2000s. He worked in many films and proved his worth, the movies in which he worked were A Scanner Darkly, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Zodiac.

Some of Robert Downey Jr. remembered work which is still a masterpiece for his fans is:-

Chaplin (1992)

The movie was directed by Richard Attenborough. Robert is known for giving his best when comes to acting. Chaplin was one of the best movies of his carrier and this movie was also nominated for Oscar.

The movie was based on the biography of Charlie Chaplin and the story deals with how Charlie Chaplin rise to be one of the great comedians from poverty. Through this movie, Robert’s accuracy as an actor was established.

Zodiac (2007)


The movie was directed by David Fincher and it was a super hit. The movie was a crime thriller. In the movie, a series of murders has been shown which had badly affected the lives of three, people, the policeman role played by Mark Ruffalo, Chronicle Editor Cartoonist Jake Gyllenhaal and the reporter of the newspaper Chronicle role played by Robert Downey, as they are trying to track a serial killer.

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Sherlock Holmes (2009)

It is a period mystery action movie directed by Guy Ritchie. The character Sherlock Holmes is a character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in his detective novels. The story has been taken from his novel as well as the character.

In this movie, Sherlock and his partner Dr. Watson try to resolve a mystery in which a man who believes in dark arts, plans his execution and then rises from his grave, plunging the two detectives into the world of the occult and strange technologies.

Wonder Boys (2000)


The movie is based on the novel name the same written by Micheal Chabon. Robert Downey was in a supporting role in this movie but still, his spectacular acting could not be ignored.

The story is all about a university professor, the role played by Micheal Douglas who is struggling hard to write his novel and Robert is helping him in helping to find his motivation. The movie was a gem of its time with its wonderful witty cast.

Captain America ( Civil War) (2016)

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One of the masterpieces of MCU creation is not only loved by people but the people who are die-hard fans of the MCU series. Robert has played the role of Iron Man, one of the strong characters who have brought great applause to the actor. The story starts when a drift started created among the avengers due to political pressure. The government had started interfering in the avenger’s work.

Whereon one side, Captain America was in favor that avengers should be free from government and should work for the benefit of humanity whereas Iron Man, was in favor to work with the government in order to maintain balance.

Weird Science (1985)

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Through this movie, Robert Downey Jr established his comedic talent and proved his versatility. The movie is about two students John Huges and Robert Jr, who have been bullied by their seniors and have been insulted in front of all their college mates.

In order to take revenge, they take the help of science, create a genie through the software, and taught the two seniors a lesson. The movie did not get good reviews like other comedy movies like The Breakfast Club of Hughes Classics but this movie was definitely a good start for Robert Jr.

The Pick-Up Artist (1987)


The movie was directed by James Toback and Robert played a lead role in this movie. This movie is masterpiece ice of his acting in his starting carrier days. This movie was about a primary school teacher who was a womanizer.

He fell in love with a young woman, whose father had to pay heavy money to mafias. Robert in order to impress and lure the girl decided to help her but he himself gets trapped in the problem.

A Scanner Darkly (2006)

It was a sci-fi movie and Robert Jr played an important role in the movie. He was not in the lead role but was a supporting actor with KEANU Reeves but the fans still loved his acting.

The director Richard Linklater adapted the movie from the work of Philip K. Dick, and it’s a pretty strong field. The story’s plot was set up in dystopian land and it revolves around the potent narcotics and all-consuming surveillance.

Good Night And Good Luck (2005)


The movie was directed by George Clooney. He was also the co-writer of the movie. The movie was won several awards and even nominated for Oscar in its time, because of the bold storyline and remarkable acting and also for Screenplay.

In this movie, Roberty Jr plays the role of journalist Joseph Wershba and was covering a very dramatic story of Edward R Murrow and Senator Joseph Mc Cathy’s clash which took place in the 1950s.

The Judge (2014)

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The movie was directed by David Dobkin. The story was about a famous lawyer, the role played by Robert Jr. The story starts when he returns to his home town Carlinville, Indiana. When he reaches his hometown, he finds that his father, who a judge was suspected of murder.

He in order to know the truth, started investigating the story and came along with some hidden facts which helped him search for his estranged family.

Iron Man (2008)


The movie was directed by John Favreau and it was a super-duper hit of its time. Robert’s acting was not only loved by people but his image of a superhero left a strong impact on people’s hearts and minds and it is still there even after years.

The story was about a rich industrialist Tony Stark, who was conducting a weapon test and was kidnapped by a terrorist. The terrorist asked him to build a devastating weapon but he instead built an iron shield for himself, which he used to fight the terrorist. He returned back to America and used the shield to save humanity and fight against wrong people.

Due Date (2010)


It was a movie of comic punches and sarcasm, directed by Todd Philips. The acting of Robert and Zach was remarkable and was loved by the people.

The story is about a man named Peter Highman, the role played by Robert, who had to share a road trip with an aspiring actor Ethan Tremblay, the role played by Zach because Peter needs to reach his wife on time as his wife is about to deliver their baby. Peter had no other option but to share the car so that he can be on time for his wife.

The Singing Detective (2010)

The movie was directed by Keith Gordon. This movie is a combination of crime, comedy, and music, it is weird to sound but the combination actually got very well and people loved it. The story is based on a popular novel Dan Dark, the role played by Robert.

Dan was when hospitalized for an extreme case of psoriasis, he had used to write his first book which was based on the murder mystery of a prostitute in 1950 in Los Angeles.

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