MCU Future: Ironheart will replace Iron Man, its too early for Iron Lad

Ironheart is all set to take the place of Iron Man in the MCU, which in a way gives fans the idea that it’s too soon for Iron Lad, the other could-be Stark replacement, to make his debut.

On December 10, 2020, during Disney’s Investor Day it was finally announced that
Ironheart or Riri Williams will be entering the MCU with her own Disney+ series.
Dominique Thorne has been roped in to play the lead in the series. We’ll see Dominique playing Riri Williams building up her own armor suit as modeled by Tony Stark.

MCU Future: Ironheart will replace Iron Man

While Ironheart will be MCU’s replacement to Iron Man after his demise in Avengers: Endgame, she isn’t the solitary youthful Iron Man-roused character in Marvel Comics. Fans are still waiting for Iron Lad, or Nate Richards, who is a 16-year-old of the contemptible Kang the Conqueror, culled from his timeline by his grown-up self. Appalled by Kang’s malicious deeds, Nate pledges to change his future and thrashing Kang. He brings together the team of Young Avengers and builds his own Iron Man suit, turning into a superhero in his own privilege as Iron Lad.

The MCU seems, by all accounts, to be setting the establishment for its own adaptation of the Young Avengers, yet Nate Richards is eminently missing from the expected setup, with Riri apparently having his spot. In fact, it shows up his beginnings are excessively bound up with characters who have not yet been presented in the MCU, making Ironheart a superior fit to succeed Tony Stark.

The starting point of the character arc of Riri Williams doesn’t necessarily depend on other characters as Nathan’s. Riri is mentored by Tony Stark and while it’s evident from the events that happened at MCU that Iron Man couldn’t guide her, it will be interesting to watch her origin story. It could happen that Iron Man’s demise moves Riri so much that she starts to build her own armor and makes her hardest endeavor to make up for the shortfall he abandoned. Riri has kind of a simpler back story than Nate, and introducing her first may prove as a more intelligent decision.

Despite the fact that Nate Richard’s story might be too perplexing to even consider fitting in the MCU, a totally different form of Iron Lad could have his spot. Harley Keener’s appearance at Iron Man’s memorial service in spite of just having a little part in Iron Man 3 could be a piece of a reminder that fans have not said a final farewell to him. If Keener somehow managed to show up in Ironheart, having two contending Iron Man successors around could be an intriguing plotline for the show.

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