Call of Duty: Warzone Won By Shooting At The Ground

Call of Duty: Warzone Updates: In the most recent footage of hacking in Activision’s immensely popular free-to-play shooter Call of Duty: Warzone, a single cheater was able to murder a group of three gamers and score a victory by just firing at the ground. The video revealed many examples of a hacker employing this strategy to wipe out opponents and claim an unfair win.
Since the game’s release, hackers have been tormenting the game’s large player base. While Activision has continued to update the game over the previous year, adding seasonal content such as new weapons, operators, skins, and more, it has failed to put in place measures that successfully prevent hackers from tampering with the game.
Players cheating in Warzone are common on Reddit, as seen by the most recent video of a Warzone hacker submitted by user notbilbo. Three gamers appear to be watching and commenting on the cheater in question, SneakySquid. SneakySquid is seen racing through a field with their FAL in hand in the early half of the video.
They start shooting randomly at the ground, and suddenly, indications appear on the cheater’s screen indicating that they had broken someone’s shield and taken them out, despite the fact that they were obviously simply shooting the ground. The video cuts to SneakySquid sprinting up a hill at the finish of the game. “He’s shooting the floor!” screams one of the onlookers.

Call of Duty: Warzone: Hitting the ground kills!

Call of Duty: Warzone
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At the top of the hill, the hacker comes upon the final squad. Instead of taking aim as the game instructs, the player stares down at the ground and fires four times while spinning in a circle. On SneakySquid’s screen, icons like hit markers, shield breaks, and downs appear once more.
The final “Warzone Victory” text spills on-screen after SneakySquid kills all three players in the remaining team. The three players onlookers burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of what they’ve just seen.
Hackers cheating their way to success in Warzone are becoming increasingly frequent. The problem is so widespread that one gamer recently broadcasts himself hacking without fear of Activision’s retaliation.
Indeed, the player in the video highlighted how simple it is to create a new account. Activision does not appear to be taking any dramatic measures to combat these cheatings at this time.
Aside from the threat of hackers, Warzone gamers are sometimes plagued by problems that make the game unplayable. Some of these issues have been fixed, while others, such as invisibility, have reappeared in subsequent versions.
Recently, one player was seen getting a melee kill from almost five feet away, as if through a wall. Activision’s neglect toward Warzone grows increasingly obvious as users continue to demand bug patches, steady content rollouts, and anti-cheat measures.

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