Far Cry 5 New Levels Revealed With New Names

Far Cry 5 Updates: A fan of the Far Cry 5 game has spent more than 2 years creating a classic map “GoldenEye 007” for the game. However, Ubisoft and MGM have taken down the map and re-released it with a different name.
Reddit user Krollywood has created the map “GoldenEye 007” using Far Cry 5’s level editor. It is pretty much obvious that Krollywood was very talented to bring up such a map to life in Far Cry 5 on PS4.
Krollywood took the fun, even further. He recreated one of the 18 single-player levels featured in the Nintendo 64 using Far Cry 5’s map editor. The map was filled with many stunning details, which has been a treat for many Far Cry 5’s players. Regrettably, the fun didn’t last long.
MGM partly owns the James Bond and according to their directions, Ubisoft has taken down the GoldenEye 007 levels. This doesn’t stop Krollywood, he once again brought up the GoldenEye 007 levels back to Far Cry 5 on PC and PS4 platforms.

Far Cry 5 New Levels

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As it seems that Krollywood somehow used the Loophole of the game. There is no guarantee that MGM and Ubisoft won’t take down the GoldenEye 007 level once again. The new Map has boasted the game and gamers are now interested to download Far Cry five for experiencing the new levels.
Far Cry 5’s map editor is a key topic for discussion in the Gaming communities, as the upcoming game in the Franchise Far Cry 6 won’t feature such options. Another feature that was very popular in Far Cry 5 is Arcade Mode.
But Ubisoft has confirmed that this feature won’t be available in Far Cry 6. This has forced the players of the game to recreate as many maps as possible from various games using 2018’s game.

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