Call of Duty: Warzones Killfeed Now Notifies Everyone When A Cheater Is Banned

Call of Duty: Warzones – Since its debut in 2020, Call of Duty: Warzone has been a great blockbuster and a substantial moneymaker for Activision.
Even yet, the free-to-play game hasn’t always been a pleasant experience, with weird visual glitches and bugs widespread throughout the previous year and a half. According to the majority of gamers, cheating is the most serious problem currently plaguing Call of Duty: Warzone. Because the game is free to play, hackers have been able to sneak into the experience almost unnoticed, using techniques like auto-aim and wallhacking.
While accounts continued to be blocked, the hacking situation appeared to be worsening, with some hacker organizations and websites ridiculing the official Warzone Twitter account. However, the tide may be turning as a result of this latest research..

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Similar to previous games like Battlefield 1, the killfeed now displays players who were banned during a match. The gamer’s username is given, along with the phrase “has been banned.”
While seeing a known cheater get booted out in real-time during a game is thrilling, the question of how these folks got into the game in the first place remains.
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Raven appears to have been working behind the scenes to improve the much-maligned anti-cheat systems, stopping players from just creating a new account and interrupting matches again.
Last week, Raven said that another 50,000 accounts had been suspended. While the number is tiny in relation to the overall number of players, Raven Software did say that anti-cheat technology is being enhanced and that more information would be published soon.

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