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Pokémon Fan Creates a Pokémon that will stay cool all summer


Pokémon Updates: Pokémon has a long history of fan creations and the latest is the creation of Baja Blastoise, a Pokémon imagined of what the Shellfish Blastoise would look like if sponsored by the soft drink. Funny how people actually have this kind of imagination.

Most of the creations are of Pokémon that perform stunts which can’t normally, but considering the current weather conditions in the States right now, this creation is actually going wild and many people are actually liking the concept very much as this a very much appropriate condition.

Pokémon was first released in Japan in 1996 before releasing in the United States two years later. The Pokémon games became household names pretty quickly. Among them was Blastoise, the final evolutionary stage of the starter Pokémon, Squirtle. Since it was the very first Pokémon of many people, it has certainly become their favorite.

Reddit user SarcasticTacos shared their artwork of “Baja Blastoise”, imagining it to be sponsored by Mountain Dew. The name is derived from popular Mountain Dew flavors “Baja Blast” and “Blastoise”. Instead of its natural color deep blue, Baja Blastoise has more of a greenish aqua color.

Pokémon Blastoise


This might be a marketing campaign where they use Blastoise to actually combine with various flavors of soft drinks.

Considering the massive heatwave across the United States, plenty of people want to chill with some soda, and this fanart does what it says. The water cannons, on the back of Blastoise, are replaced with bottles of Mountain Dews. He is also seen wearing sunglasses, which in my opinion is a very cool concept.

Blastoise has become famous all over the world and the countries in which it was not famous are getting recognition as well.

Countries like India where people love watching Anime can be a huge part of the fanart’s admirers and the creator of this fanart might get more than the recognition that he deserves. Well, hopefully, we can see some more Blastoise fanarts in the future following this concept.

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