Swordship Review, and More

The demo for “Shoot ‘em up – like”, Swordship is going to launch for PlayStation 5 and also PlayStation 4 and then Xbox One, Xbox Series, Switch, and PC via Stream.

The developer behind this game is Digital Kingdom and the publisher is Thunderful Games.

The removal of this game is available for PC via Stream.

Jump attacks in order to survive and trick your enemies of yours into killing each other.
Loot containers and deliver them to upgrade your ship or maybe to improve your score of yours.
There is no shooting and it is all about the action.

What Is The Story Of Swordship?


In the long duration earth’s temperature has become very high to live on land. To live or to survive humankind has built very gigantic underwater cities where the upper class stays or lives.

But the people who are poor are actually forced to live on land hiding in caves and waiting for the sunset to come out. In order to leave survive they still containers of the transport lines that connect the underwater cities mostly without success.

One day, the yellow unmanned ships appear throughout the world and they start stealing containers.  But no one knows why are they doing this! Are they trying to give the poor something from the rich? Or maybe building any other purple ships for their own? Or is there any chance that they are into fame and they want it?

And the game is all that is going to answer all these questions.

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Here are a few key features of the game and Trailer:

Guns are cool, but they are bulky and heavy: the game Swordship is not going to contest any of them.

Ship Variant: During the runs collect power boosting components and alter you can experiment with different play styles.

Upgrade: this talks about the exchange of the stolen contents for passive upgrades which fit the situation and your player’s style.

Weather: you have to learn to master the different weather conditions in order to get through the randomly generated levels.

Just by looking at the key features, we can guess that this game is going to be really challenging and very much interesting with new experiences.

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Swordship Release Date


Swordship the latest game going to happen on PlayStation 5 Xbox Series, Xbox One, Switch, and PC, and PlayStation 5 is going to come out on the 5th of December 2022.