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Resident Evil: Leon Kennedy Coming To Rainbow Six Siege As Lion Skin

Resident Evil

Resident Evil Updates: The newest season of Rainbow Six Siege, Crystal Guard includes several new additions out of which the most highlighted is the crossover with Resident Evil.

Leon Kennedy, the beloved hero of the Resident Evil series, making his entry into Rainbow Six Siege is exciting news for his fans and that of the show. Rainbow Siege crossed its record of the most consistent and happening Steam users in March 2021, proving that even after 5 years the game is very popular and has the highest users and fans.

The game has had various crossovers out of which the majority have been with Ubisoft’s fellow Tom Clancy- branded titles such as Splinter Cell. A lot more crossovers were announced by realistic shooters with much more fantastical franchises such as Rick and Morty and Resident Evil.

The grounded counter-terrorism themes of Rainbow Six Siege don’t go quite well with or gell with undead hordes of the survival horror franchise. As a result of crossover between the two franchises a new outfit –a playable Siege Operator has resulted for Zofia which mimics or imitates the iconic

STARS police uniform used by the hero of Resident Evil Jill Valentine.

Resident Evil

Rainbow Six Siege is an online tactical shooter game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The game puts a special prominence or importance on environmental destruction and cooperation between players.

The game received overall positive feedback from critics as well as viewers with special regards to the game’s tactics and tense multiplayer but was told to have a lack of content to keep the gamers and viewers in their seats for a long time.

The director of Team Rainbow is Angela Bassett, she is the one who performed voice works and motion captures for Six.