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Breath of the Wild Player Shows An Extremely Unlucky Link Death

Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild Updates: A very unlucky Zelda: A player recorded the death of Link to a guardian by an injury caused on his head due to an in-case set piece.

Breath of the wild was a game that at the beginning was thought to be a traditional game but it felt revolutionary.  It is an action-adventure game where players are tasked to explore a world called Hyrule by controlling the main character Link.

The game was first built with touchscreen features, but it was found hard for the users to look back and forth between the gamepad and the screen, and hence it was later changed to a switch version that performs better. It was one of the best video games ever.

The game had received several awards like the Game Critics Award from publications such as Destructoid and IGN. It was shortly after the release of Breath of the wild journalists and the video game industry realized how it would influence future open-world games and the Zelda series.

Breath of the Wild Unlucky Link Death

Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild has become infamous and rated less and due to its difficulty rate at every level. All the previous Zelda titles had a major role or fair share of ways of seeing a distant view of Link, but BOTW is practically overflowing all of them.

The two primary factors for offing Link are Guardian enemies and its physics engine which is very advanced. Guardians can damage 5 hearts by shooting with lasers. Another major problem was that Link always began his journey with 3 hearts, causing Guardian to be a major threat.

Taking the case of Link’s death before the appearance of the ‘game over’ screen the video ends, leaving the true fate of his death unknown. Even show they don’t show his death, it’s impossible to not imagine him perishing in the process as the video ends.

The producer of the game ‘Breath of the Wild” is Eiji Aonuma and the developer of the game is Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development.  Nintendo is the oldest player in town the company entered the industry in the 1970s, beginning life as a card and toy manufacturer long before making the jump to video games. It has more than 700 licensed games running under them.