Resident Evil Ending Explained, Click to know

The original version of resident evil was released as a video game in 1996. The first Resident Evil game was published by the Japanese video game company Capcom. At the time, making a movie adaptation of the game series seemed like a no-brainer.

Additionally, a lot of animated adaptations that more or less exactly replicate the series’ main games came from movies.

Now, with the simply titled Resident Evil, the video streaming juggernaut is now adopting a bold approach to its first live-action take on the genre.

When will Resident Evil be out?

Resident Evil
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Season 1 of Resident Evil will be available to Netflix subscribers on Thursday, July 14, at 12:00 AM PDT/8:00 AM UK time.

The series will have eight episodes. All eight episodes will be available for viewing at the same time.

What is the plot of the series?

The story takes place in the year 2036, which is 14 years after the spread of Joy caused such severe suffering, according to the Netflix logline.

Resident Evil was created by graphic novelist and Supernatural executive producer Andrew Dabb. He uses the known lore of the brand while taking place in its own realm over two distinct timelines.

Jade Wesker fights for her life in a world overrun by vicious infected and mind-shattering creatures. Jade is concerned about her future in New Raccoon City. However, what happened to her sister Billie amid this horrible destruction affected her much more.

Who all will be there?

Resident Evil
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Lance Reddick, star of The Wire and John Wick, will play the series’ main character.

Tamara Smart and Siena Agudong will play the role of his children, Jade, and Billie Wesker. This can be fixed from the scenes shown during the flashback sequences that feature Reddick’s portrayal of the villain.

How close will it be to the video game?

The television series will cover everything that has happened in the Resident Evil video game canon thus far. This was confirmed by Andrew Dabb.

Umbrella Corporation expects several of the mutated monsters and zombies ripped straight from the franchise. In addition, the show is set in New Raccoon City.

The settings will also be great, as it will be the original Midwest-inspired city featured in the games.


On June 6, the Resident Evil trailer was released, and it is undoubtedly action-packed.

Zombies may be seen launching a siege on a fortified structure right away. From there, things don’t exactly get much better either because a tonne of terrifying monsters quickly appears to cause mayhem.

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