Did The Bachelor Grin and Bear It? Will Bruce Wayne’s Batwoman Costume Fit? Why has 9-1-1 been less splashy? And with more Qs!

The Bachelor: We have questions, and (maybe) you have the answers! We’re lobbying left and right questions about shows like MacGyver, Bling Empire, Batwoman, and Servant for another week of TV gone by!

1. Does anyone actually think that Jack MacGyver is dead? And what was made of Riley’s face as Kovac relayed Jack’s post about having to eat a “slice of greasy pizza… with you. Didn’t it sound like a red flag/clue was detecting her? (It was a random taunt like that!)

2. While watching Bling Empire’s Kim, is anyone else seething, unable to admit that she was dead wrong to rummage through Anna’s stuff and chuck her penis pump out of the window?

Who else is cheering for Kelly to be far from her manipulative and sexually abusive boyfriend Andrew? (Seriously, who does that?) And are mouth massages really something affluent people are really wasting money on?

3. Where did Batwoman’s Kate Kane get the Batsuit stowed on a National City flight, that it was lying by itself in the wreckage? Speaking of the batsuit, what ambitions did 6-foot-2 “Bruce Wayne” have for it, if he were to take it from 5-foot-4 Ryan Wilder? (Seems sort of necessary to stuff in an overhead bin!)

4. What was NCIS: the most fascinating discovery from Los Angeles (apart from the entire thing about Anna!) that Fatima used to star in a trashy reality show (and make bank!) or that Sabatino is now in an 80s metal band?

5. Have the American Gods left you with an undeniable urge to eat a pasty this week… even though you’ve never tried one before?

6. 9-1-1Did Fox cut the special effects budget of 9-1-1? Since the dam break at the Hollywood Reservoir was not anywhere near as cool/real-looking as the tidal wave of Season 3.

7. The Good Doctor wouldn’t give Lea an ex-husband if we weren’t going to see him this season at any point, would we?

The Bachelor: Matt

8. Has anybody ever tried to say anything other than The Bachelor’s Matt, when handing out the final rose this week, telling the name of Victoria? Could you almost imagine the creators just off-screen twisting their arms?

The Bachelor 

9. Are you shocked that Abishola’s Tayo of Bob Hearts is not a paper tiger, but a genuine option for his estranged wife? Especially given how his alleged abandonment of her and Dele was represented by Tayo?

10. Bull CBSIf Bull needs consumers to take Chunk more seriously, could he be able to float him with one of the advertised TAC masks? Also, shouldn’t Chunk have thanked Benny for noticing the tell-take video in the first place when Benny gave Chunk props for his big win?

The Bachelor

11. Are you waiting for Zoey on Zoey’s Exceptional Playlist to mention to anyone the song she was singing in her dreams? It would certainly have offered valuable insight?

12. We have to wonder after seeing the inauguration of Biden/Harris: Who knew Amy Klobuchar could be so funny? Who else noted that Bon Jovi’s electric instruments weren’t wired into anything during that night’s concert special? And was Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff playfully “falling backward” at one of the most refreshingly relatable moments of Inauguration Day during the amazing, Katy Perry-accompanied fireworks show?

13. Do we imagine that the titular character of Call Me Kat, who is not known for her sense of fashion, would have liked a sweater Randi enough to take out of a Goodwill Do you have an optimistic feeling that there is a respectable 30 Rock facsimile trying to bust out the more you see Mr. Mayor, who was first conceived as a tool for Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy character?

The Bachelor 

14. Why is Last Man Standing’s Jen so worried about “speaking out” in China to her father? It was played as if he was about to get killed, but it never troubled the episode to specify what he was concerned about!

15. Do you imagine that Legacies is actually bringing an actual plot to sad, neglected Rafael?

16. Are you sad that Jill and Andy’s mom went ahead and split up?

17. Are you impressed by how Craig Ferguson has been “all in” as host of The Hustler? And have some Ferguson Late Late Show viewers found that he carried his favorite rattlesnake mug with him?

18. What do you think really happened to Roscoe the Servant? Why must he have been kidnapped by the cult, only to return him four days later to his car? And what is the deal in the basement with the broken foundation?

19. As TVLine reader Jo points out: Shouldn’t Walker and his wife Micki have in their car a first aid kit?

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