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Ben Affleck Wanted Batman Solo Movie To Include Arkham Games Style Deathstroke Fight

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Batman Updates: Joe Manganiello has unleashed few details about Ben Affleck’s discarded Batman Film, including the influence it carried from the Arkham Asylum Games.

Ben Affleck was influenced by the Arkham Asylum games in designing the action of his preplanned Batman solo movie. With just over a week left previous the HBO Max debut of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the anticipation for the movie’s release is also bought with a sense of longing by many fans of what it would have led to having the movie not been so heavily altered in its 2017 theatrical release.

One of the biggest examples of this is what Ben Affleck’s BATMAN movie would have viewed like, and what role Deathstroke would have played as its villain.

Affleck abdicated directing duties for The Batman 2017 before jumping down from playing the Dark knight together in 2019 early, with Matt Reeves stepping into the director’s chair and Robert Pattinson grabbing the role of Bruce Wayne.

Following the SNYDER Cut’s notice in May 2020, Affleck frequently signed on to return to the role in the Multiverse exploring The Flash and also came back for additional photography on the Snyder Cut this past fall, as did Manganiello. As for what Affleck had in store with Batman’s film previous to his leaving, details have begun to  triple out, and it ironically relates to Deadpool director Tim Miller.

Batman: Arkham Games Style Deathstroke Fight

Screen Rant

In an interview with Josh Horowitz on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Manganiello says that Affleck was influenced by Batman: Arkham Origins in the approach to the movie’s action, stating that he and Affleck watched the “Arkham Origins Deathstroke versus Batman video”.  Which was directed by Miller, with Affleck and Manganiello discussed “how that was going to relate to the action sequel.”

Arkham Origins titled Batman and Deathstroke smackdown video drove excitement for the game through the roof ahead of its debut, so it also makes sense that it would look after its influence in the action of his Batman movie.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice itself is set a very high bar for Batman fight scenes with the movie’s warehouse war, and Affleck would surelt wanted to maintain that caliber of action in his single solo movie.

More, with none other than Gareth Evans, director of The Raid movie, to have viewed Slade’s  film, it sounds like audiences were in few serious incredible action scenes between the two of them.

With both Affleck and Manganiello have coming back for the Snyder cut’s additional shooting, Fans will get to see them sharing the screen at last.

Millions of fans will surely hope for Affleck’s Batman film to get a 2nd chance to come to fruition on HBO Max in light of Manganiello’s unleashes. For the time being, their look together in the Knightmare future would be the closet thing to it.


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