Batwoman Season 2 Episode 7: Everything You Missed in “It’s Best You Stop Digging

Batwoman Season 2 Episode 7 Updates: The origin of Ryan Wilder (Javicia Leslie) being revealed as Gotham’s most recent Caped Crusader has certainly been a lot to digest regarding Batwoman’s second season.

Notably, the seriousness of her kryptonite injury is getting critical as time passes by and the hunt for Kate Kane being exhibited similarly, the audience has been keen on finding where the plot takes them.

Note: The text written further on includes spoilers; read-only if you are eager to know!

The Kryptonite injury that Ryan is suffering from is being administered by Mary and Luke which is consequently giving her a foresight of avenging Alice.

A suggestion to Luke is perceived forward by Mary that includes asking Jacob to arrange the return of a Desert Rose from Coryana, which in turn is dismissed as Luke believes it would not work.

Meanwhile, Ryan wears the Batsuit, steals the Batmobile, and proceeds to hallucinate her mom. She then drops by to meet Angelique to gather information on the whereabouts of Ocean where she unfortunately also comes across the fact that Angelique has been cheating on her with another girl; Angelique pushes her off the balcony soon after she updates Ryan of Ocean’s location.

As Ryan is rescued by Luke and Mary from being located by the Crows, she continues to feel the hallucinations kicking, one of which includes confronting Alice in a pretty straightforward manner. Ryan, after coming back to her senses informs Mary that she wants to locate Alice and Ocean, even if that is the last thing she does.

Batwoman Season 2 Episode 7 Recap


Alice carries Tatiana Ocean’s “body” as a ruse to abduct and question her about the missing memories. According to Tatiana, Alice and Safiyah initially bonded over their mutual dislike of Catherine Hamilton, and Safiyah agreed to train Alice to be one of Coryana’s faithful assassins.

Alice and Ocean originally hated each other, but clearly had feelings for each other – which made Safiyah jealous, because she had feelings for Alice, which she demonstrated by entrusting her with the Desert Rose’s mystery and backstory.

Ocean then told Alice that he was going to smuggle out Desert Rose and invited her to accompany him, and the two hooked up. As Safiyah proceeds to find this out, she brainwashes both of them and converts Alice into the evil character that Safiyah was aware she could become.

Soon thereafter, Alice then faces the Batwoman who takes off her hood and wig to reveal her identity. As Ryan puts in the effort to battle Alice, her Kryptonite injuries continue making it a hindrance for her to fight.

As she is about to cease the fight in her favor, the hallucinations of her mother start kicking in which prohibit her from killing Alice. Tatiana and Alice move on with their journey back to Coryana and interestingly Ryan reveals that Alice has been marked with a tracker to follow her to Coryana.

It indeed opens a lot of chances for the plot to get even more exciting for the viewers and it will be amusing to see what happens next.

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