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Firefly Lane: Here Are the Big Things to Know Before Netflix’s Adaptation

Firefly Lane
Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane Updates: Now that the OTT has become the trend, Netflix has been nailing with a lot of amazing content. It has also been doing great with its book to television adaptions. From Queen’s Gambit to Virgin River Netflix has brought a lot of amazing content in it.

We can soon hope for season 1 of Firefly Lane. The drama is based on the Novel by Kristin Hannah. All of them are seriously excited about this new series.

The series will officially premiere in 2021. Since this is the first season of the show so it’s hard to anticipate what this show is about.

Firefly Lane Plot

This series is based on the novel so we can so here are some key details about the series and it is free from any major spoiler.

Firefly Lane
Firefly Lane

The Protagonist of Firefly Lane is lifelong best friends Tully and Kate. The story of the protagonist begins in the 8th grade when Tully moves into the house of Firefly Lane, next door to kate.

Kate was new in town, and she ends up being one of the most popular girls in the school. So it comes as a surprise to forever uncool, Kate when Tully wants to befriend her.

Kate and Tully’s friendship begins in the summer of 1974, and spans their entire lives, and spans their entire lives. The high and lows are their friendship persist through 30 years. Kate and Tully figure out their life together and apart.

Kate just wants to fall in love and wants to live an ordinary life. because she thinks that this is what she is destiny to. But as time moves Kate felt ambitious and jealous about Tully was popular and her business was at the bottom of the high school food chain.  While both Kate and Tully get everything they want but they still felt that they are unfulfilled by their choices.



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