Firefly Lane: Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke First Look Revealed

Firefly Lane Updates: Netflix Released a first look based on Kristin Hannah’s book Firefly Lane at the Series.
Only this new show is more about love story or platonic love story, where Katherine Heigl of rom-com royalty is back.

A first look at Firefly Lane is Released on Netflix. It is new Series which is adaptation of author Kristin Hannah’s book which is of the same name which is about the friendship between two women that spans three decades.

They meet first when Kate was 14 years old shy girl unexpectedly becomes friends with a girl named Tully who is super cool. When a scene of tragedy brings both of them together, their bond becomes a strong bond for life.

Firefly Lane: What the cast has to say?

Kate (Sarah Chalke) and Tully (Heigl) were adults when they met each other, they both experience together years of ups and downs, joy, heartbreak, disappointments, triumphs, and even a love triangle. Kate every time chooses motherhood and family, while Tully every time chooses fame and wealth.

“That was the thing about best friends”, both Kate and Tully said in the teaser trailer, ” Like mother’s and sisters, they can make you cry and break your heart and many hearts or they can piss you off, but in the end, chips were down and they both were there and make you laugh even when you’re in darkest hours”.

Creator of series Maggie Friedman (Witches of East end), He acts as showrunner while Co-executive producer is served by Hannah.

Main casts in this series are:-

Image Source: Entertainment Weekly

Ali Skovbye (Breakthrough) acts as young Tully, Ben Lawson (13 Reason Why) acts as Johnny, Roan Curtis (The Magicians) acts as young Kate, Beau Garrett (Girlfriend’s Guide to divorce) acts as Cloud and Yael Yurman (The Man in the High Castle) acts as Marah.

There is no sure information about the Release date of the Firefly Lane series but we can inform that premiere of Firefly Lane will sometime come in 2021. Stay tuned in 2021.

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