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What is Firefly Lane about?

Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane Updates: With some huge names on the list, Firefly Lane is surely catching a buzz around it. Releasing on the 3rd of February on Netflix, the heartwarming drama series is all set to make its debut. And what we have seen and heard, is extremely binge-watching stuff.

This fact can be trusted as it came from Forbes that is a warm, fuzzy, and would feel good series making you want to catch-up with friends. As reported by Forbes “Firefly Lane is an extremely well-written series  that would be a perfect binge for anyone who has ever been blessed with a  friend that stays through all thick and thins.”

Without waiting further, let’s dig into the details and know what the series is all about. Before releasing, Netflix described it as-

“Three decades. Two friends. One hell of a story”

The story of Firefly Lane revolves around two best friends, Tully and Kate, who have been friends for three decades. Over the time period of all these years and decades of their friendship, they have been through millions of adventures together and supported each other through it all. No points for guessing that when a new adventure knocks on their door, they turn to each other for support.

 Firefly Lane

Amidst all this, they try to stick to the promises made to each other and overcome all the obstacles together without affecting their friendship. But now, an”ultimate test” stand in front of their friendship which they have to pass to see if their bond is truly that strong enough to stand everything they face.

Will they be able to break all odds and prove their friendship to be rock solid? This we all have to wait to find out.

All about Firefly Lane

Based on New York Times bestseller novel with the same name, Firefly Lane is a screen adaptation from the novel by Kristin Hannah. The series stars, Katherine Heigl playing Tully and Sarah Chalke Kate. These adorable pair turn out to become lifelong friends after their first meeting on the show.

Apart from being the lead, Heigl also serves as an executive producer on the show. Others include Maggie Friedman, Stephanie Germain, Lee Rose, and Firefly Lane author Kristin Hannah.

Firefly Lane premiered on 3rd February 2021 on Netflix. We are going to go binge-watch! Let us know your plans and thoughts!!